Star Bindery Photos

I only worked for Star Bindery in Westville, NJ, and then briefly in Philadelphia for two years. They then went out of business. Here is some photos I took. At Westville they had a room which had two Muller stitchers and a McCain stitcher. They had in another room two cutters and a bunch of MBO folders. A third room had die cutter machines and the lunchroom was at its end. I believe there was another room with tables for handwork. I was only in there for the Christmas lunch parties. They had other departments near the offices.


Folders along the wall in the folder and cutter room

The two Muller stitchers in the stitchers room

McCain stitcher

Bill Castleberry and Warren Humphries

Joe the supervisor disciplining Warren

Dennis Weaver and someone with a beard

Third shift people Mung and Al
Al's Uncle George worked at Hartman Bindery and got Al work there. Mung spent 8 years in a North Vietnamese prison camp.
He was brought to the US by a US soldier returning home and later got his United States citizenship.

Lupe, who I already knew from Tri State Bindery

Neiko is a very colorful person.

The Star truck

If anyone sees their photo on this page and wants it removed just let me know.

-Dennis Weaver