Baum Folder Hickey Rollers

I had a old Navy Lithographer's book which had photos of old Baum folders that had the 8 page section and 16 page section rollers going the wrong way. The photos seemed to resemble drawings so I assumed they had been drawn incorrectly.

Years later someone I met working at a bindery said they had seen old baum folders with "hickey rollers" where they had once worked. (Hartman Bindery, Pennsauken, NJ)


In the 8 page section and 16 page section, as they are commonly referred as, the rollers only serve to send the sheet to the side guide and not into the buckle fold rollers and plates. That is accomplished by two "hickey rollers." (wheels)

Google Book Snippets-

Here is some information pieced together from Google books search, snippet views-

From- Bookbinding & Book Production - Volumes 59-60, 1954
Page 33

KNIFE FOLDERS The potentialities of a machine can be determined by a study of its fold roller or folding plate diagram. The two illustrations shown here, one for a Dexter knife folder, and the other for a Baum buckle folder, are typical of the type seen in the advertising literature put out by the manufacturers of both types. The basic layout of the Dexter book and ...

Straight rollers, with hickey rollers, carry the sheets in the cross carriers. On the Cleveland ...

Page 42

Flat guide clips may be fastened on the end stop to prevent the sheets from flying above it. Some sheets, if large and light weight, may tend to sag between the rotating rollers of the cross carrier as they hit against the end stop. This may be ...

The cross carrier rollers and the two hickey rollers may be seen in the foreground of Fig. 6. Fig. 9- The stacker delivery with folded sheets passing under the adjustable roller and guide and being carried forward by the moving conveyor. 7 ...

Printer 1 & C. - Page 447

United States. Bureau of Naval Personnel - 1954 - ?

Cross Carriers After the sheet leaves the first folding section, it passes under the scoring wheels onto a series of revolving metal rollers called cross carriers. These rollers carry it against a kind of side guide or end stop equipped with two rollers, known as hickey rollers. The hickey roller ...


The following four images are from an old Navy Lithographer book-

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