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Harolds Place Matchbox Diecast Old and New

Harold started collecting Matchbox in 1970 while working for his brother part-time in a 5 and 10. He noticed an advertisement on the back of a blister pack Matchbox for membership in a Matchbox Club. So he joined. This Matchbox club was geared more towards children than adults, so along with about a dozen other members Harold had met in this original club, he decided to form his own club, American International Matchbox, A.I.M. This started the whole sha-bang! While in England in the early seventies, a Co-founder of Matchbox products presented Harold with the first hand-made Soap Box Racer originally made for the Co-founder's father. This along with a large Milk Float, Rag and Bone Cart, and several others are still in Harold's family's collection. One of Harold's favorite items were horse drawn carriages and wagons. His greatest find was walking into a second-hand shop in downtown Lynn, Massachusetts, and finding a large Lesney Coronation Coach. Not having any money with him at the time, Dottie, Harold's wife, remembers him rushing to their home during his lunch hour filled with excitement, grabbing some money, and rushing back to the second hand shop to purchase the coach...for $12. Needless to say it's worth a little more now. That and other Coronation Coaches large and small are still part of the collection. Have fun browsing through the extensive collection that Harold built. We are always here to answer any questions you might have about any model, just send us an email, or give us a call. The use of Harold's Place and or American International Matchbox may not be used without the express written consent of the Colpitts family, and will be punishable by law. Thanks for looking!

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