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Sound Clips
Title frame from an ARNOLD television trailer

Various bits of music and dialogue from the film

To hear the theme song from Arnold, go to The Song page

ARNOLD Radio spots

Radio Spot 1 - 109kb - :56

Radio Spot 2 - 47kb - :23

Radio Spot 3 - 55kb - :27

ARNOLD TV Spot soundtrack

TV Spot - 107kb - :56 (wav format)

The Reading of the Will: The Voice of Arnold

Arnold's introduction to the contents of his will

Hester's inheritance

Douglas' inheritance

Robert's inheritance

Jocelyn's inheritance

Karen's inheritance...with one hitch!

The entire reading of the will (mp3 format) (376kb)

MORE of The Voice of Arnold

Robert's comment about Arnold's preservation

Arnold knows about Karen and Robert

Arnold's comment about Jocelyn's death

Arnold's warning to Karen after Robert's death

Constable Hooke's Wisecracks

They've mixed up the marryin' with the buryin'!

The wrinkle remover line

Various Dialogue Selections

The shower dialogue between Karen and Evan

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