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Rare, unpublished photos from the film!
These never before-seen stills were very kindly provided for use on
this site by Andrew J. Fenady, and are not to be used elsewhere
without permission.

L to R: Patric Knowles, Georg Fenady, Jamie Farr, Stella Stevens,
Farley Granger, and Andrew Fenady on the library set

Elsa Lanchester and Ben Wright on the graveyard set

Norman Stuart (in the coffin) and Stella Stevens on the library set

Closeup of Norman Stuart...who appears to be glancing at the camera!

The miniature house used for some shots

L to R: Ben Wright, Bernard Fox, John McGiver, and Wanda Bailey
on the pub set (with John seeming a bit distracted by Wanda!)

Bernard Fox and Wanda Bailey check John McGiver to see if he
has just fallen asleep.....or has passed on!

Andrew Fenady and Stella Stevens between takes

Andrew and Georg Fenady between takes

Georg and Andrew on location, setting up a shot

Georg and Andrew on location, between takes

About to film the "death by crushed velvet suit" scene, Georg gives
directions to Roddy McDowell. The complicated rigging in back of
Roddy, designed to tighten the suit around him, can be seen.

Enlarged view of the rigging on the suit

Karen (Stella Stevens), comes down the stairs
with her suitcase, ready to escape with Robbie
...unaware of what has just happened to him!

Andrew and Jamie between takes on the set:
Andrew poses proudly with his pipe, and
Jamie poses proudly with his hook!

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