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Last Updated On March 16, 2005 02:13 PM
More clips will be added soon, so check back!
Note about these clips: Don't expect top-notch video or audio quality.
I intentionally kept the filesizes down due to the limited space I have
available, and also for a faster loading time. They are here just to give
an idea of what some of the scenes in ARNOLD are like.

1                         2
Wedding Song - Part 1
Arnold's vows

3                         4
Wedding Song - Part 2 "...exactly what he deserves"

5                         6
Harsh words between Jocelyn & Karen " pay our last respects...uh, no...."

7                         8
"...let him speak....Now..." "...until death do..."

9                         10
Jocelyn's demise A startling surprise

11                         12
The velvet suit Henry & Flo: "Plain as the nose on your pretty little...."

Dybbi's demise

television spot

ARNOLD television spot

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