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The Florida Battalion of Infantry was established in 1985 as part of the Department of the Gulf, Confederate States Army. During its seventeen years of service, the battalion has participated in campaigns throughout the country and has certainly lived up to its motto "NULLI SECUNDUS" or "SECOND TO NONE".

The Battalion consists of infantry companies from throughout the State of Florida. Our common goal is to portray soldiers of Florida during the War Between the States. Considering the diverse departments of the army as well as the field armies, the Florida Battalion does not attempt to portray any particular regiment. In this way, the battalion can serve in either western or eastern campaigns.

Although the Florida Battalion of Infantry is a Confederate organization, the Battalion, at selected events, does portray federal troops. This is done in order to improve the quality of the events and to be an example to others.

The primary purpose of the Battalion is to bring the various companies together to drill and learn to maneuver as a unit on the field of battle, as the battalion was the smallest tactical unit in an army. Also, the Battalion is able to bring order to the camp and issue directives to coordinate activites during an event.

It is our hope this web site will help our communications within the Battalion and further our efforts to honor those that have gone before us.

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