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"We share the essentials of eternal life." Cyber church ministry site Cyber church prayer site Support for families, caregivers, and the elderly An inspirational Christian site all about Love

Web portal to other uplifting Christian sites, including poetry, personal testimonies, prayer support and homeschooling information, web hosting (see also
Web portal to Christian teaching ministries
Allow the LORD to speak to you through His Word ~ poetry ~ music ~ His Spirit An evangelistic web-based ministry, with all kinds of links to interesting projects and features A web-based ministry of spiritual uplift and encouragement A Christian charitable ministry in India UK-based ministry (Elijah Days) seeking to encourage believers and to build a web community of those who would otherwise feel themselves to be alone in their trials in these days

SALEM VOICE (Spiritual And Literary Evangelical Mission) of India, praying for others as well as working for the world peace An evangelical site is dedicated to Roman Catholics who are eager to understand the Good News of Jesus Christ (Jer.29:11-12) A ministry founded in 1997 to help build the body of Christ into Becoming Extravagant Lovers of God and Deliverers of Mankind Bible study and scripture memorization site, with a range of Bible tools and aids for your use
A web-based ministry designed to uplift and encourage believers as well as guide the seekers and lost to the saving grace of Jesus Christ
A website created to bring honor to Jesus Christ and encouragement to ALL who visit