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DOOM Music

The music that propelled the

Note*- The music for level 5 of Episode 2, has been omitted. I was unable to find it. Also the music for Episode 3 is pretty scarce. Sorry. Also, the first name of a selection is the name given by the guys at id Software; their name for it. The name in brackets is the name of the level in which it appears.

Music from DOOM 2

DOOM Episode One

E1-M1 At Doom's Gate (Hangar)
E1-M2 The Imp's Song (Nuclear Plant)
E1-M3 Dark Halls (Toxin Refinery)
E1-M4 Kitchen Ace [And Taking Names] (Command Control)
E1-M5 Suspense (Phobos Lab)
E1-M6 On the Hunt (Central Processing)
E1-M7 Demons on the Prey (Computer Station)
E1-M8 Sign of Evil (Phobos Anomaly)
E1-M9 [Secret] Hiding the Secrets (Military Base)

DOOM Episode Two

E2-M1 I Sawed the Demons (Deimos Anomaly)
E2-M2 The Demon's From Adrian's Pen (Containment Area)
E2-M3 Intermission From DOOM (Refinery)
E2-M4 They're Going to Get You (Deimos Lab)
E2-M6 Sinister (Halls of the Damned)
E2-M7 Waltz of the Demons (Spawning Vats)
E2-M8 Nobody Told Me About id (Tower of Babel)

DOOM Episode 3

E3-M1 Untitled (Hell's Keep)
E3-M2 Donna to the Rescue (Slough of Despair)
E3-M3 Deep into the Code (Pandemonium)
E3-M8 Facing the Spider (Dis)