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This section describes the many enemies you encounter in DOOM and DOOM II. But not the first bit. Unless you're in Multiplayer! Put your cursor ofver each enemy's picture to see them get fragged! NOTE: Enemies marked with a * appear are not in the original DOOM.

OUR HERO- Yep, this is who YOU play as. A battle-hardened member of the Space Marines.

FORMER HUMAN- Once proud members of the human race, now the undead minions of Hell. The easiest enemy to kill. A few bullets will take care of this bastard once and for all. Gives you a clip when dispatched.

FORMER SERGEANT- These mercenaries in black will give you a few extra holes if you aren't careful. Considerably more dangerous than the Former Human, and gives you a nice shotgun when you send him back where he belongs.

FORMER COMMANDO*- Even moe dangerous than the Former Sergeant, the Former Commando packs a big-ass chaingun, and when he sees you, he fires a nice continuous stream of bullets right into you. However, when you send him back to the Great Beyond, he gives you a spiffy Chaingun.

IMP- These brown S.O.B.s take several bullets to die, hurl balls o' fire your way, and scratch you to death at clost range. Don't even think of using your fist against them without Berserk Mode. If you're down to your bare fists against this guy, you're better off starting a new game.

DEMON- These red you-know-whats run on two legs, are real ugly, and rip you into tiny, easy-to-digest pieces if you get too close. The Chaingun or Chainsaw are very good against these guys when they get in your face. If you're daring, use the Shotgun or Super Shotgun.

SPECTRE-Looks like the Demon, but is slightly transparent. Keep your eyes peeled; they may be easy to see in the open, but in the dark is a different matter...

CACODEMON-These one-eyed monstrosities fly, belch lightning balls, and their huge mouths suck up almost everything you shoot at them. Two rockets or a blast from the mighty BFG 9000 will send these guys back to the Ether.

LOST SOUL-These restless denziens of the Netherworld are small, tough, and yet incredibly dumb. They don't like being hit with rockets or plasma, and the Chaingun can stop them from attacking you while you make mincemeat out of them.

HELL KNIGHT*-As the DOOM Manual puts it: "Tough as a dump truck and nearly as big, these goliaths are the worst things on two legs since Tyrannosaurus Rex." Looks like the Baron of Hell, but not half as tough. Three rockets are all that's needed to snuff this guy out.

BARON OF HELL-This is the "Big Brother" of the Hell Knight. Bad news if you don't have the BFG 9000 of the Rocket Launcher.

MANCUBUS-The only good thing about this bastard is that he's a nice wide target. Too bad that's the ONLY good thing about him. He pumps out dozens of nice fireballs your way when he sees you, and not small ones, either.

REVENANT-Demons that have been brought back into battle after they were deep-sixed. Armed with deadly homing rockets and a wicked punch, these dirty rotten jerks need to have their asses royally kicked.