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Blah About Me

My name is Roger. I'm 16 years old as I write this, a native of the Great White North (Canada,eh?) and an avid fan of DOOM. Ever since I could plunk keys on a keyboard, I've been playing the greatest video game of all time. I know the codes like my phone number, the secrets like where I live (most of 'em anyway!) and I even burn CDs of DOOM music. Hey, some of it's pretty catchy. Anyway, back to the game itself. When I first played it, it sucked me in. It was like nothing I've ever played before...or have since. As far as I'm concerned, games aren't made with any feeling anymore. Just for graphics and to live up to the hype that so many companies put on games that end up sucking more than a South Pacific cyclone. You may not agree, but I know plenty of people who do. Me and my friend Richard still love the game, and I still play it whenever I get the chance. You can't beat online DOOM! It has to be easily one of the most hilarious experiences in online gaming.The GBA conversions of DOOM and DOOM II aren't bad, but I like the DOOM II one a lot more. The first day I got it, I jammed it from seven in the evening to noon the next day, and the game didn't leave my GBA for almost a month!

I'm a pretty intelligent guy, I guess. I'm a A/B average, reads "smart" books (not so much anymore, now I mostly play DOOM), is an above average artist ( I draw in the style many people know as Japanimation, a "word" I disregard whenever I hear it), likes to watch anime (My favourite series is "Neon Genesis Evangelion"), read manga (the Japanese equivalent of comic books), play video games (Mostly DOOM, but you could guess that, couldn't you?), watch some TV, and sleep. Eating, drinking coffee, and yelling at my stupid brother are also very enjoyable (He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you know what I mean). Not as enjoyable as DOOM.

My DOOM skills progressed with age. Soon I was phasing out of the "I'm gonna play 'I'm Too Young To Die' because I suck!" stage to the "I'm playing mode because I kick ass!!" stage, a common happening for most DOOMHeads.