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Editor - Debbie Garrett
Vol. 4, Issue 2                            4th QUARTER, 2005




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Collecting News

Profile of a Collector

Profile of an Artist

Doll in the Spotlight!

Doll Care Basics



Closing Words


As 2005 nears its close, I find myself amazed at how quickly the year has passed.  The holidays are right around the corner; and like children, most of us who celebrate may be wishing for new dolls for Christmas or Kwanzaa.  Certainly, many of us will give dolls to both budding and seasoned collectors during the upcoming gift-giving season.  

Speaking of budding collectors, the "Profile of a Collector" column in this issue of BDE is certain to be a delightful read.  

The artist's profile will prove interesting as you discover an innovative way of sharing African American history and culture by transforming it into three-dimensional stories.

The "News," "Doll Care," and "Doll in the Spotlight" columns will be as informative as they have in past issues.

So take your time and enjoy all that is offered in the current issue of The BDE as we close out the year, 2005, and look forward with resolutions and hope to 2006.  

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