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Vol. 2/3, Issue 4/1                            WINTER 2003/2004




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Profile of a Collector

Profile of an Artist

Doll in the Spotlight!

Doll Care Basics



Closing Words



We hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday season and that that you are enjoying the new year as well.  If you have made any 2004 doll resolutions, it is hoped that all are able to be achieved on target. 

In this issue, we revisit doll artist, Jean Henderson.  It was indeed a delight to profile Jean once again. Our featured collector is Debbie Britt who allows us to take a glimpse at her collection and also offers some sound advice on Black-doll collecting.  In this issue, again,  the "Doll Care" column takes a different approach by illustrating different types of doll makeovers.  The "Dolls in the Spotlight" column also takes a different approach that we hope you will enjoy.  

So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, position yourself in front of your monitor, and navigate through the pages of the Winter 2003/2004 issue of BDE and enjoy!

(Be sure to read the "News" section in its entirety.)

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