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Editor - Debbie Garrett
Vol. 5, Issue 1                            May 2006




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Closing Words



Time has flown by swiftly since the last publication of The Black Doll-E-Zine.  I can hardly believe that we are approaching the middle of 2006 and not one new issue of the 'zine has been published.  Well, it's back, and hopefully another six months will not speed by before a second issue is published this year.  

In the last issue of BDE, a not-so-traditional doll artist was profiled.   This issue includes a profile of an artist who creates beautiful African-American doll sculptures.  These two artists are a testament to the fact that Black dolls can never be lumped into one category; they are as varied as the hues of our complexion.  From simplistic to complex, Black dolls comprise a full spectrum of mediums, categories, price ranges, etc.   Black dolls are created for the collector with the most discriminating taste as well as for those who simply love dolls. I hope you'll enjoy meeting the current doll artist and perhaps adding some of her awesome pieces to your collection.  

Having been an unfocused, impulse-buying collector for many years, I enjoyed compiling the current collector's profile.  As a collector, she has her head on straight and gives me the incentive to continue to be less impulsive about doll buying.  

The "Doll in the Spotlight" and "Doll Care" articles take on new twists and the "News" article should be informative.    I hope you'll enjoy each article and every picture, and that you will stay tuned for a post-issue update planned for mid-to-late June.   


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