BimmerBum's 1995 318ti Club Sport Project

1995 318ti Club Sport Project

It is 2011 and the economy has caused most of us to cut back in some aspects of our lives. With gas prices fluctuating between high and really high, cars like the Prius and the Volt are all the rage despite being insanely boring to drive.

Thankfully it does not have to be that way.

With those things in mind, I will tackle modifying this 1995 318ti Club Sport. I will be economical with my modifications using many left over parts from current and past projects, using eBay and Craigs List to hunt down deals on used performance parts when possible, and resisting (for as long as possible) the temptation to swap out the fuel efficient 4 cylinder for a 6 cylinder of some flavor. The goal here is to have fun driving, maintaining, and modifying while retaining enough comfort for daily driving and keeping the great fuel economy of the 318ti, all without breaking the bank.



Suspension: Brakes:
  • Stock
  • 17x7.5 OE BMW Motorsport Double Spoke I (1995 M3)
Interior: Exterior:
Standard Items Replaced:
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