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My Rear Bumpersticker Homepage

This homepage will always under construction, actually all three of my homepages, since I'll probably always be adding to them, or making adjustments. For this reason, I'm leaving the construction bars surrounding this paragraph. The family homepage will be the main homepage and the Danang photos homepage and the rear bumper homepages will be secondary homepages,even though they are separate individual homepages.
This is my Back bumper homepage. And it's like the backbumper of my car, on it you will be able to find bumperstickers that express my opinions on various subjects. BEWARE!! I am a Vietnam Veteran, retired USAF Master Sergeant, a hunter/gunowner and I like Science Fiction. The bumperstickers you will see here will reflect my views on veterans, the military, hunting and gunowning. You might even find some sci-fi. I tend to be conservative about somethings, liberal on others and somewhere between on still others. I hope the bumperstickers you see here are thought provoking and, perhaps will bring a smile to your face. If they offend, my apologies. If you disagree, that's fine. If you have a rear bumpersticker homepage, I might not agree with all of them. OKAY. That's known as "Freedom Of Speech" and as one of our founding fathers once told someone, " I disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it."
And now for the bumperstickers.
Well folks, that's the end of my homepage, actually three hompages, but I'm not counting. I hope you've enjoyed it and it's brought you a chuckle or two. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to drop by any time. Also, while your back at my family homepage to sign my Guest Book, hint, hint, please feel free to check out the other hompages I have links to.
Regretfully, I was unable to have one Guest Book for the three of my homepages. Therefore, I must ask you to Click to my Family Homepage to sign the Guest Book there. Sorry, their rules, not mine.
Click Here For Pauls Family Homepage.