X90 Links

Hi to all, I 've just started this X90 page. If you have or know a web page w/c I can include here , please let me know by mailing it to me. Thanks !


  • UK X90 WEBSITE-UK X90 WEBSITE (UK x90 owners,please check this website!)
  • Mattman_jiglet's x90 page - http://www.net-link.net/~mattman/x90.htm  
  • Extremespecialties Page -THE SUZUKI X-90 CLUB NEWSLETTER "X-PRESS"
  • Yeastman's X90 - http://www.ymscorner.com/x90- This is a great site w/ Good Sounds and Tire Setup modification for the X90. Features great topics for the X90.
  • Vxtreme Video of X90 - This video is worth looking. The video depicts the X90 traversing through harsh snow terrain and rocky terrain. This is worth looking.The video is around 2:38 minutes.- Video by www.TheAutoChannel.com
  • X90 Conversion - HARDTOPS FOR THE X90
  • Chip Guard for X90 - Customised Chip Guard for the X90