SUZUKI X90 Images :

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  •  The images at the left are the available suzuki colors ( red, blue-purple, gray, black, and there is also this arctic ice ( like light blue )  that's available.
  •  The X90 on the right is mine. The background is Belle Isle of Michigan. I bought my X90 last February 2000 w/ 32K miles on it. As of today, August 20,2000 it already has 40K on it w/out having any single trouble. The farthest that I have rode this is from Southfield to Mackinaw City w/c is around 640 miles back and forth.
  • I'll soon take more pictures of my X90 and post it here ... I'll also update this page for X90's that I have seen on the web. If you have anything to contribute ,please email it to me at