African Astrology


"African Astro-Profiles: The African Astrology is based on Geomancy, a divination by means of figures made by "bones" thrown down at random forming lines and arrows. The tracing made by these lines/arrows is organized by the diviner in three stories. The lower floor of the geomantic figures can be made by one to three vertical lines. For the two other levels (median and superior) the choice is binary, one or two lines. Thus, the total possible for the three levels of figures is twelve (3x2x2). Each of them has a name corresponding to the precise combination of figures as drawn on each individual profile." -from []


January 4 to February 3                       February 4 to March 5



March 6 to April 4                                      April 5 to May 4



May 5 to June                                            June 5 to July 4



     July 5 to August 4                                 August 5 to September 3



September 4 to October 3                          October 3 to November 3



November 4 to December 3                         December 4 to January 3