Better Than Ezra Art by Candace Saunders
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Wall Hangings

All of these drawings are by me, and may not be mooched without my permission.

Tom Art

My first attempt at capturing Tom on paper was all but completely unsuccessful. The second, while showing artistic growth, has also fallen short. He really looks more like the actor from "The Single Guy". Hmmmm... Will my third try prove fruitful?

Kevin Art

I was quite happy with my first drawing of Kevin. In the original, the shading on the right side of the face is more pronounced than is pictured here. The second drawing is more stylish, but is a little disproportionate. I do love those lips though...

Travis Art

The first is horrible. Plain and simple; It blows. However, I think the second is the best portrait I have ever done. And I thought I could not draw a good Travis. Silly, silly me.

Recognize Her?

Yup... I appreciate the fact that she is not a tooth pick. I've decided that she is Rosealia even though it's the wrong album. Oh friggin' well.

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