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Ezralette's Better Than Ezra Lounge

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 This Better Than Ezra Webing site is owned by Ezralette.
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THE FINE PRINT: I realize that this whole web site is probably one big zit on the face of copyright law, but the hell with that. I don't claim to be the owner of any of the photos, sound clips, or video that I have archived here except for the Ezralette's Better Than Ezra Lounge art work and other banners and backgrounds. (And I sure as hell don't claim to own Better Than Ezra.) I have provided a links page that serves as a bibliography for the Lounge. The truth is, I've long since lost track of where I collected all of this stuff from. So what I'm trying to say is, don't sue me you mean Elektra lawyers. I ain't making no money anyways...