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Notes From A Vampire

Guinevere of Leonesse, born in a time of mighty kings and fearless knights.Also a time of magic...of half-seen pale creatures,that seem to melt into the very shadows of the night.With beguiling voices and eyes of unimaginable hues and alabaster skin that seem to take on an unearthy glow.

All these things surrounded a fair maiden of King Arthur's court, who came into being in the year of our lord, 1225.Her mother being sister to the now famous or infamous..Guinevere, she was named for her.She caught the eye of a knight named Carys, whom was never seen after the sun arose.But was ever present in the court and at Arthur's side past sunset.Carys watched the tiny maiden grow and learned to love her.So afraid was he to tell Guinevere of his dreadful secret, he would look away whenever she fastened her hypnotic violet eyes on him, lest his own gaze would betray him.

As time passed they grew to be friends and then lovers, her gentle ways breaking down his barriers, her great understanding of the is world and the unworldly things, she simply accepted the fact he was an immortal, a vampire.Her love grew so great for him, and his for her, not wanting her to grow old.They decided she would join him in his unnatural existence.In her 27th year, she accepted the dark gift and together they wander and embrace the night.

Carys, would later take his own life, by fire, unable to deal with the guilt of having to kill each night to simply survive.His sire was Ramath of Egypt and taught him many things, but not how to cope.Carys himself as a mortal was a religious man and had found the Holy Grail for King Arthur, and so his guilt for killing each night grew heavier and heavier upon his soul.He had drank from the the Grail and even at the very moment of his joy, an immortal took his life but left..another kind of creature.One with a soul but a deep,burning hunger that each night took him to take a life.And so one night, he simply walked into a fire, leaving no note, nothing for Guinevere to cling to.And so she became hateful and cruel meeting a man that mirrored her contempt of life.And together they ruled Brujah killing and taking what they wanted.But soon he grew tired of her and and left her to die in a battle..she survived but was taken by something else... a madness filles her being at times...a madness so great, a hatred so deep..even her own kind reject her.And so now a fierce battle wages inside her,the tempering blood of her sire and the rage and pain of betrayal, of the one man she trusted above all others.She also took a new name to hide from her enemies, Kymber...meaning simply, without a soul in Welsh.So now she seeks a new place to conquer and perhaps for awhile, calm this rage within her, this beast that never sleeps and the pain that is endless.

Appearence:6ft.tall and slender, athletic build.Long, blue-black hair, violet eyes.Weapons:trade mark sawed-off shotgun, given to her by her brother Nefarious.Warrior apparel, also a knife keep hidden in a secret pocket in the back neck of her jacket.Small derringer up left sleeve of her black, leather jacket.Leather jacket is lined with state of the art bullet proofing and any wooden..arrows as well are usually quite it is never taken off.Regular dress when not at war:Likes to the color violet and is usually dressed from head to toe in the darkest of shades of it.Long dresses of velvet or silk adorn her tall,slender figure.And the scent of lavender always follows wherever she goes.Clan: Brujah, 8th gen.Quirks:She prefers to be alone and can be seen as a shadowy figure walking silently thru Hyde Park, her own form melting with the fog and the shadows should a mortal eye fall upon her.Hates to be touched and loathes closed in spaces. Drinks to excess at times when memories of her betrayal and lies by her lover creep across her.Gin and tonic are the usual. Strengths:extremely well taught in the weapons of her time.physical strength,presence.

The small part of her heart, the tinyest portion of her soul still aches for a love, a mate..someone to share this cold place called life.Even if it's just for a short time, her soul wearies of the emptiness and heartache that her existence has brought her.

To come out of char.for a moment, I must mention the wonderful people in The Kiss,and Solace and Shadey"s room which for the life..or death of me, I can't remember at this time.S.L.A.D., Sanguinarius, Drink Deeply and Dream website,The Vampire Church.And my new home House of Kheperu the people there are simply incredible!My immortal beloved for teaching me how to breath and what love is really like. And all the rest for being so kind and just for being there for me.*bows*

One more moment of yer time if I may, for my nonvampy friends,I do hope you enjoy this account of my oldest character.For my vampire friends..forgive me this, my weakeness for role playing. I in no way wish to diminish or make fun of this dark and mysterious heritage, I only wish to embrace it.

I shall be at House Kheperu until further notice, I can be reached there by private messsage.Be safe all, adieu.

Notes From A Vampire.Chapter One.

A dark clad tiny figure made her way down the rain drenched streets.Picking her way amoung the stones that made up the sidewalks of the old Scotish town.The wind fierce at times, pulled and plucked at the hem and hood of her long cloak.She occasionally glanced up at street signs, not seeing what she wanted, she continued on her way.

Finally she was there and glanced at the shop window with Borders emblazoned across its window.A deep sigh of relief followed her in as she pushed open the door and was met by a mixture of the scents of coffee, perfume, incense and ciggerettes.A few heads moved to glance at her as she made her way up to the counter, but none choose to make eye contact.The vampire, pulled back her hood and long waves of auburn hair fell down her back.She ordered the special coffee of the day and moved to sit away from the small groups of people.Far enough to discourage conversation and yet not far enough to bring attention.A hard talent to learn at first.She warmed her hands over the steam of her coffee and glanced briefly round the room.No..nobody she knew nor of her blood.She raised the cup to her lips and pretended to sip as her gray eyes looked to the front door.Hopeful but yet knowing the the tall, muscular figure would not be coming.

Without thinking she reached out to touch the arm of the chair..almost lovingly ..did he once sit here.Did that precious hand once rest on this table..she brings her hand to her cheek and closed her eyes and imagines it to be his touch.Tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to fall as she heard his voice once more in her head.That wonderful Scottish tone, soothing and intoxicating and yet exciting at the same time.The gentle roll of the "r"s, the inflection of the words that is so different than her own British accent.Blinking back the tears, she lets the voice and his memory flood over her, his tender voice.."sweetness, it will be ok"Filling her senses with his strength, his scent, his power..enveloping her like a lovers embrace.Safe at last, if only for a brief moment.

Voices sounded near by and she snapped open her eyes and pretended to sip at her coffee.More people filed in and took seats.She glanced at the chair again and down at her left hand, painfully aware it wore no ring on the 3rd finger.The wind howled louder outside, rattling the door as if to mock her in her lonliness.How many more such nights would follow this one.

Gazing outside with sightless eyes, just merely looking somewhere so not to be obvious. A voice sounded softly in her head.A British accent, much like her own."Ahhh there you are" The voice sounded surprised as if she had just suddenly popped into view.Her eyes flickered about the room but saw nobody at first, then a tall, dark figure moved just slightly to her right side of the corner of her eye.The figure was outside and appeared to be looking at something in one of the windows, but moved just enough to show his profile to her.And then he moved his back to her again.

Shoulder length dark hair, fell on broad shoulders, the body clad in a dark raincoat, high cheek bones and an angular face completed the figure.He appeared to be solid and times his form to shimmer almost.She frowned and cursed lightly under her breath."How rude"turning her body more towards the room and thinking now she imagined his voice.

"Not rude my dear Cariod.Rule number one, first draw no attention to one's self.Which by the way you are, such a light is shinning from you , I am surprised the people there do not see it.You should really leave ya know.And certainly not rude, why I am speaking in yer northen British accent to make you feel comfortable, I could choose Scottish..if you wish."

She cursed again under her breath.Cariod a word for sweetheart or her native Welsh.Cheeky bastard.

"Whoever or whatever you are ..I am not amused nor interested in your lessons. I do not know you therefore you are a stranger and dangerous"

"My dear Guin, stranger yes, dangerous no, in time you will find you need me.Your strong and powerful Robb is not here now is he hmmmm.But I can wait"A soft chuckle followed his last word and suddenly he was no longer there.Didn't vanish , just was gone.

Shook her head as if to clear it and mumbled to herself>"Waaaaay too much of the green stuff"A strong liquor she had recently developed a taste for.Fumbled in her long coat for a ciggie found one and lit it,the flare from the match illuminating her blue gray eyes.Remembering to keep her gaze down so as not to draw attention to the slight incandescence of her eyes.Tilted her head back, relaxing a bit more and blew a smoke ring.Idly watched it catch a air current and move towards the ceiling.

Hmmm now there is a dilema, if that cheeky bastard out there is not a part of my alcohol indused dreams. I may have a problem and another DID he do that.Stares at the back of her hand as if she had never seen it before.Now logically, we are not Anne Rice characters in a book, people nor vampyres simply do not vanish into nothingness.We do age, have children, love and live ..hopefully happily ever after.

But, logic was never one of my strong points, so therefore I plan on finding out where he went.He had to go somewhere or come from somewhere, one simply has to find the key.Smashes the rest of her ciggie in the ash tray and flips a few pound notes on the table.Nods her head as if agreeing with her thoughts and looks again longlingly at the chair next to her.

The soft Scottish voice sounds again in her head and for one blessed moment she was with him, all the pain and the longing was gone."Just to be about ye"

Chapter 2:The sudden jolting of the train awakened her and looked about her, eyes heavy with sleep.She was home, northern England, but home seemed a foreign place somehow..all its familiar sights and sounds..seemed strange to her.Her eyes..*smiles once again at the Anne Rice seeing people, and things thru her "vampire eyes".

She sighed heavily in frustration.."so" she thought do I go home and walk around that empty dark place, with its ghosts real and sounds good and she began walking slowly, thru the darkened, damp streets towards a Borders.Stopped momentarily to light a ciggie bending her head down to the flame of the match..a pair of dark eyes caught the illumination of the match and then were gone.A tall, dark figure, quickly moved into the shadows.

She inhaled deeped and smiled to herself, talking to the figure as if he could hear her."Gettin a wee bit slow there, tall,dark and gothy"No reponse, a cloud of smoke followed in her wake as she made her way down the darkened streets.

Glancing up a familiar shoppe sign she frowned and shook her head.And realized she must have been walking fast..but why.Certainly she was not afraid of ole tall, dark and gothy.Opened the door to her favorite cofee shoppe as the bells above the door announce her entrance.

"Solace" she whispered aloud.

Glances up at the young man behind the counter, winks and nods.He flashed a big grin and brings her expresso to her table, almost tripping over a chair leg as sets her drink down.

"Hey Guinnie"! the voice cracking a bit in mid sentence.A blush covers his face and he flops down in a chair beside her.Longish brown hair with white streaks fall across his forehead and frame a boyish full face.

"Relax"She takes a sip and eyes the young man nervously fingering an earring.Puts her glass down and lights a smoke and offers one to him."Have a ciggie, you make me tired just watching ye.Whats up besides your voice changing."

He takes the smoke, rolls his eyes at her last remark, as she brings a match up to him.Then she catches it, the dark circles under his eyes, and she could smell could not place the emotion.His hand shakes as he reaches out to steady his ciggerette and comes close to touching her hand."Ian" her voice warned again ,almost a growl."Talk to me"

He inhaled deeply and blew it out quickly.Looking around nervously."You are..aren't you."

British, of course I am."

"No,no..Guin you know what I mean.He is almost chain smoking now, only taking a breath to speak.

She sighs deeply and looks into his eyes, his gaze drops immedieately."Ian" reaches out to lift his chin up for him to meet her gaze."Look at me, tell me what you see.What you really see.And make sure you are thinking with the right head."

"You glow...almost glisten, as if there are tiny lights just under the surface of your skin.Your eyes, they hurt to look into them.I want to drown in drown in you."The pitch of his voice lowers and now is almost a whisper.She can hear his heart hammering in his chest."I can't eat, I can't sleep, am restless and I "his gaze falls to her mouth and her neck."I feel like I am starving..but I don't know for what but when I see you. I" his voice trails off.

"I ..I..what hmmm"

She leaned in close, some distant part of her loving to watch him squirm in his chair.Sweat beaded up on his smooth forehead and his upper lip, he licked it nervously.She blinked slowly letting her gaze devour him, all her senses were hear, to smell, to taste.His heart, she could hear it hammering in his chest, his breath coming now in short,tiny gasps.She literally could feel and smell his blood pulsing thru his veins and sweet.So very easy it would be.The scent of him brushing acoss her face, the heat of his body, her scent mixing with his.Her eyes melted into his, he could not move nor turn away.

"Hunger, is that the word?"' His mouth formed the word yes, but no sound come out.Yes, hunger , how very easy indeed.Just below the second button and to the right..where the muscle connects to the shoulder.Just a small cut, now, at this point, in the middle of his first real embrace.He would welcome the sweet precious pain..ahh or perhaps even beg for it. She sighed inwardly,not really wanted to let go,but didn't want to draw attention to herself. Taking some of her energy back from him.His eyes lost some of their luster and his body leaned back heavily in it's chair.His ciggerette had become one long,cylindrical ash.She reached over ,taking it , putting it out in the ashtray.His eyes were still huge, they were taking in her whole form now, his gaze moving across her breasts and mouth.She lit a ciggerette and handed it to him,his hands still sweating, his fingers left a moist mark on the filter. She brought her finger to her mouth and without thinking, let her tongue flicker out across her lips. "Gooood" he whispered, almost as if a sound would ruin the atmosphere.

"God, has nothing to do with it my dear."

The vampire glanced at herself in the mirror that hung to the right of her, waiting for the boy to regain his composure.His breathing had returned to normal and the hand that held the ciggie shook only slightly.And the air around them seemed to hold it's breath.The bells above the door jangled harshly as reality came crashing back and the boy jumped to his feet to greet new customers. Ah, yes the mirror, her flickered again at her reflection and a faint smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.Funny, many Old Worlders still believe the Bram Stoker Dracula crapola.That vampires cast no reflection because they don't have a soul..bah!A soul who needs one,Her soul lies within her husband and without him, nothing else matters.The now familiar pain moves thru her and she struggles to concentrate on something, anything else.The mirror..she always hated the colour of her eyes, a gray dull nothing colour.They did reflect blue and purple hues of her surroundings at times.But for the most part a dull and lifeless part of was her heart without her husband.

She glanced down and away from her haunting relection and lit a ciggie.Inhaling deeply and letting the smoke curl out thru her nose.More people coming in, humans, that scent, her mouth curled up slightly in contempt.Time to go.She placed a generous tip on the counter and made brief eye contact with the boy.His voice squeaked out a

'"thanks darlin".He immediately went red and she chuckled despite herself.Patting his arm she whispered

"Decaf lad, switch to decaf" He mumbled something and then cast his attention to a pretty, slim blonde girl waiting in line.Just as the vampire went out the door, she heard a smashing of cups, followed by a string of curse words in a voice that was desperately struggling to find it's pitch.She laughed out of loud and moved to get lost amid the shops and people.

A book store looked interesting so she wandered inside and was greeting with the pleasant scent of old parchment , of aging leather, of simply age itself.She moved up and down the rows just getting lost in thoughts of him again.She was safe here, the old man that owned it, kept to himself and seemed to respect her somehow.Hyde Park was calling somehow..her old haunt, a few blocks from her flat.She wanted nothing more than to lay within it's cool grass and feel the embrace of the fog and her husband.

"So many heads so little time"

His Scottish voice carressed her ear once more and a smile came to her lips.He would always say it in a boyish way, but the underlieing current of the statement was deadly.Together they were brutual and heartless to most everyone but their own.But so were the times back then.They had to match and surpass that brutality or be crushed by it.She knew that now...if only she had known that a short time ago.Her guilt haunted her day and night..but so did he..with his gentle ways and understanding nature.How could she possibly ever be good enough for such a man.

Ahhh such a man, in every sense of the word...such memories she much blood, the warmth of it,the smell of it...killing countless people, so many she cannot even remember!And how she enjoyed it, aye, even lusted for it, and for him.Together they could hunt, capture and drain the life from someone, anyone it didn't matter.Even useing crystal goblets sometimes, the blood looking quite lovely in the firelight.Laughing and toasting each each other home, bellies full of life they had taken.Spending the rest of the evening locked in each other's arms.

Aye, he was right, as always, " love was a shyte word"No word exists that could describe the total rapure, pure bliss and complete and utter love they had for one another.No other creatures were so blessed or damned.As no other creature could take the others place.The world simply would not exist without the other.

Chapter 3

The rain comes down in a driving curtain of rage, huge drops slamming against the cobblestones.Humans huddled together under the protective cover of umbrellas, scurry about the streets hurrying to nearby shopps.And there is the silence, only the steady pounding of the rain, almost like a heartbeat, always constant, always steady, never ending.She leans against the stone doorway of a closed shoppe, lighting a ciggarette, the flame from the match flickers, the breeze seems to have changed direction.She draws deeply off the ciggarette and listens and sniffs the air.


she says aloud.The scent, she had almost forgotten, almost like a woodsy incense but yet seems ancient.Just the scent itself, always stirred long forgotten memories, memories she choose to keep hidden.

"Shall you come out, or shall I come and get you.Your choice."

A figure seems to come to life amoungst the maze of scrubs and trees in Hyde Park.His clothes hung on a thin frame, and he walked with a crippled gait.Gray hair covered a misshapped head and red eyes glowed thru deep sunken sockets.

"Guinevere, it's been too long since we spoke, much too long.I have what you asked seems we all have old demons we are fighting"

He held out a emerald green liquid in a dusty bottle.The street lights caught it and it glowed like a jewel.

"Yeah, yeah, no lectures.Just what do you want for it"

She blinked blankly at the creature waiting for an answer, his voice coming in raspy coughs.

"There is one mortal, I wish dead.He is causing too much trouble and is way too curious.He poses threat to my love Christian and to myself."

Guinevere blows a smokering and whispers"Why don't you kill him yourself, you used to enjoy that sort of thing..ya know killing inocent people, mayhem, etc, etc, etc."

The creature's eyes narrowed, and his mouth narrowed into a smile,ample fangs showed thru.

"Yes ,I do remember..hmm what was his name.." his voice stopped, the smile widening, taunting.

"Bastard" her voice hissed thru her clenched teeth."I'll do it, give me his name and address"

She strode forward quickly taking the bottle from his hand, and checked the label. His hand shot out from beneath his coat and a piece of paper was pressed into her hand.

"Tonight, do it tonight my dear, dear Guinevere"He laughed throwing his head back, the street lights catching his starved look,eyes black and sunken, hands like claws. Guinevere looked away in disgust.

"For the love of hell,Anaca, go feed, you like the devil himself.It will be done tonight, now go..umm do whatever..umm things like you do"

His laugh faded into the night, and the shadows from the park seemed to close in around him.She glanced at the name and shrugged, lucky bastard.Death would be welcome now, tis no life worth living alone.She took a long drink of the Absynth and sighed, at least for a short time she is numb.

The man was sitting in the dark, his frame illuminated by the scant bits of moonlight shinning in thru an old window.The only thing that betrayed his presence was the glowing ember of a cigar hanging from his lips.A large leather bound book lay on the table before him and he reached out a hand to pat it, almost affectionately.A single arrow thru his heart took his next and last thought.The body slumped over the book and a great spot of blood spilled across his back, almost like a huge bloom of a flower.A pale hand reached around him and picked up the book, shoving the body to the floor.

"So this must be what the old bastard Anaca wanted this guy dead for.Hmmm lets just take a look"

Endless rows of names and dates..some hundreds of years old, all neatly written down in columns.The handwriting changing every 50 or 60 years as another took it's place.Some lines were blank with beginning dates and...Ahhhh"she whispered underneath her breath.Like tombstones, somebody, actually several somebodies have taken great care to keep track of the birth and deaths of..who and why would this be so important as to keep them for..she leafs thru the front of the book. For over.." a low whistle escapes her lips"..well for the love of hell.These go back to the crusades and before.She carefully closes the book to look at the cover, its leather binding creaking with the effort and the weight.Red letters set deep in the black leather front."Knights Templar Book 10"She bends over and picks up the hand of the man, a huge gold ring with a red cross catches the light from the moon.Well, well ya old bastard, you got what you and yer kind gave didn't ya."A door opens elsewhere in the house.She opens the book to the present time and quickly looks down the columns..her name is there birth and the 2nd column blank.

"Damn"She slips lightly out thru the window and is gone, stuffing the book in her cloak.

writings that I have not found a proper place for, but feel the need to post them:

1.Take My Breath Away Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.As do you my immortal beloved, each day a word or glance does steal that one breath.That one heartbeat that echos and keep time with your own.As if without yours, it would not know how to beat.And yet it seems all my life, I have been holding my breath,waiting.But I can breath now..really breath..not just lungs and air..but my soul.It can take breath it seems and thus is filled with life and love.Thank you for teaching me how to breath.

2.Forever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would that be long hear your voice, feel your touch, share you life and your soul.Forever, it sounds such a short time to be with somone who holds my heart in the palm of his hand.Truly the angels must be envious of such a great and noble soul such as yours. My soul does weep with happiness and fall at thy feet, hiding from thy gaze.A simple spirit such as mine is breathless and held captive by with just a single word from thee.Each breath is done so only because you exist in this world, and would cease were you not in it. You are my religion, my preist, I did not exist until you breathed life into me.How could I ever be afraid of the darkness when I am so in love with the night and its perhaps, but it is all I can offer thee and most humbly, I lay it at thy feet

Chapter 4.The vampire passed unnoticed thru the old black iron gate that surrounded the old house , the security guard dosed peacefully as she silently tread past him.She leaped silently over a hedge and was gone.Never giving a second thought to the mortal who blood was now staining the wooden library floor.An arrow placed ever so neatly in the center of his heart.A pair of eyes watched her retreat, words were hurridly scribbled down, and the figure trotted quickly back to the house. She was quite pleased with herself, and whistled softly, now far enough from the house to relax.She patted the book beneath her cloak and stopped to gaze at the full moon.Cold and icey it looked, throwing blueish_white beams down on the heather and the long moor grass.A chill moved thru her form and she shivered slightly.She was so lost in yer thoughts she didn't hear another whistle in harmony with her own. Chapter 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A dark figure in uniform covered by a long coat waits underneath a massive horse chestnut tree, watching intently the small figure emerge from an open windown and alight silently on the ground.A half moon showing only the slightest of light on the small figure coming towards him.With a soft chuckle the man quietly climbed up into the tree and proceded to hang upside down by his knees. The woman came nearer, he could hear her whistling" Amazing Grace "softly.

"Cheeky" he murmured as he shifted his weight uncomfortably, damn I don't know how bats do this. She was right underneath him, she paused to light yet another ciggie, when he very quietly and smoothly said.

"Those things will kill ya, ya know Guinnie" She coughed on the sudden intake of smoke and the man nearly lost his ballance from laughing. She regained her composure quickly and sternly eyed the ridiculous looking man hanging upside down soaking wet in the rain.

"Ya know, I should leave ye there, and let the villagers with their stakes and burning broom sticks hunt ya down.And stilll wearing capes I see..mmm that wouldn't go well with ya right at this moment.With Anne Rice still being quite popular."

The man snorts and moves to get down but gets hung up by a branch. "Oh for the love of hell Guinnie, I just couldn't resist it..u looking all stern and vampy and shit.Now umm be a love and give us a hand down" She laughs in spite of herself and helps him down. "Now what brings u to my..dare I say it..neck..of the woods my old friend." The man settles his long cape more squarely on his shoulders and brushes some blonde hair out of his eyes, quickly pushing it underneath a his cap.A dark set of blue eyes shine out and into hers.Dark circles betray his light talk and manner.He leans heavily against the tree,looks down as if to gather his thoughts and looks back up to her.

"Neck may just be the working word here Guin.Ya know I hate to travel,esp. to Manchester, this damn fecking place rains constantly.But there is word that a coven or group has reformed and is currently stealing or killing anyone with information on vampires."

"Oh gasp of horror" she rolls her eyes."What kind of shyte is this then.Like u don't know we are here and your own sister is one" "No, you don't understand, not just vampires..but THE vampire.Supposidly there is a spell,charm or curse whatever they are working on to find real immortality.And can u imagine criminals that live forever.And the poor likes of me, just a lowly copper fighting in vain.There are several books they seek and some old pensioners have been found dead lately.Arrows..too..funny..not too many people use arrows nowadays."

"Yeah, bloody hysterical.Save the rain forest and trees and all that.Prolly just some coo coo gone off his head.Relax,now we both know there is no such thing as that type of vampire.No bell, book or candle,can conjure up such a thing as that.You are just chasing old ghosts.Look, you up for an ale or something?"The huge book she carries in the inner pocket of her cloak seemingly increasingly heavy.She swiftly looks over her shoulder at the house where the man lies dead and puts her arm round the police officer and they walk down the lane. "So Davy my love, ya got any tickets for the next Man. U. game, I hear Liverpool might give them a run for their money..." their conversation faded into the distance as the fog gathered round them both and almost shielded them from a pair of green eyes.Soft foot falls of a four legged animal fades into the trees.

Chapter 5.The boyish face transformed instantly into a hardened mask, as the last customer filed out.And innocent blues eyes were replaced by ice cold ones.He flopped down in the nearest chair and threw his feet up on one of the tables.And ran a hand threw his mulitcolored hair.

I can't stomach this much longer.Hello..hey, you there?"

He directed his voice towards the back room, as an elderly figure emerged from a false brick front of the wall.Distastefully brushing fine white dust from his coat sleeves.

"What..what."he said in a distracted voice."yes, yes"squinting over horn-rimmed glasses at the boy."Do you have it, the book"The old man reached around and pulled out a huge stack of faded, heavily bound books out thru the passage in which he had just emerged.He piled them quite carefully upon a heavy oak table.

"Your stomach, something is wrong with your stomach"The question was asked but the old figure had no intention of hearing a response. The boy dropped his feet abruptly to the floor, voice raising."No you old git!" Not my stomach, this whole feckin charade.I am going mental playing the sweet,lovable waiter.And if we didn't need Guin with her connections to the ancient magicks, would have killed her long ago"

"Shhh shhh" the figure whinned in a high pitches voice."You said I didn't have to be a party to any killing. I don't want to know any of it."He put his hands to his ears and disappeared briefly and reappeared with another armfull of books.The boy shook his head and starting pulling shades to the front windows and locking doors for the night.

"Fuck whatever old man, whatever.And no, I don't have the book.He was looking at it when she killed him.She has it now".

"Tisk, tisk..worrisome, very worrisome indeed" he hissed thru his teeth, while opening several books and leafing thru them.The boy had stopped listening several sentences ago. He opened the cash register and stuffed some money in his pocket.

"Am on my way to the bookstore, to lock up"His voice rang out in the empty shoppe and there was silence, until at last a soft reply was heard.

"Davy, why don't you just use the tunnel from here to there?"

"For the love of hell, don't you get anything?We have to make it appear to be a regular buisness.People actually have to be seen coming and going.And we do have customers and employees.

The boy rubs a hand across his eyes and thru his hair."I tell ya what, you just find the information we need and let me worry about the bookstore and this place"

"Yes, yes, anything, just go" The old man's words trailed behind him as his hands partially covered his ears.As if the boy's words would ruin his concentration.Of course they wouldn't, he had known for years what he was looking for.But just where to find it, now that was the tricky part.He had collected the other 9 books some time ago, but only small pieces of the information was there.Book 10 was the key, quite literally, in it's binding were sown several spells.The Knights Templar, the fanatics, that swore to save the world and kill in God's name, all the horrible pagans and anyone who didn't agree with their religion.To kill in God's name, a contradiction in terms it would seem.And during the time of the Crusades,they found a race of creatures, whom a sword or lance, would not kill.And when their attempt at reclaiming the Middle East failed.They came home to England, on yet another crusade, one that has lasted to this day.To hunt, record information and kill any vampire that exists.And so the information vital to bringing an immortal back from the dead,or creating one, has been hidden. The old man sat down beside his pile of books,running his gnarled fingers down the spine of one of the books.Bringing the book to his lips, his voice murmurming softly amidst the ancient volumes.

"I know you lie sleeping my beautiful one.Soon I shall find you and this world shall be ours.And this old body shall caste away it's bent shell and be young again."He lights several candles, a grey stone vase is filled with several powders and lit.A drop of his blood falls into the fire, from a small cut along his index finger and a blue mist begins to form beside the old man and another at his feet.The form of a slender man is seen, pale blonde hair that falls to one side to cover gentle blue eyes. An oversized white shirt flows down the chest of the young man, hanging down over black well worn trousers.A ruffled collar that hangs loosely about the neck and open chest. , and ruffled sleeves that fall slightly below slender fingers.Dark heavy boots seem to blend into the wooden floors. He reaches out and caressess the cheek of the old man.

"Why have you called me Paulie,you know tis torture for both of us.I am in this world and you in yours." Tears run down the old man's face and he covers his face with his hands. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just had to see you and tell you , we are so close now."His voice cut off at times by sobs.."I keep on waiting for this old body to die,so we can be together, but it doesn't.Am I being punished.. after 50 years of grieving over you.Please,is that not enough"His voice cracks and he breaks down.

The young spirit kneels down in front of him and cups his face with his hands."Paul, I do not blame you for my death, it was an accident, we both know that.I stay only in this realm because you have asked me to.Shhh do not cry, I shall always love you."The second form at the man's feet shifts and becomes a large dark dog, green eyes gaze up at the old man. As he nuzzles the man's hand."See,all is forgiven"

The old man wipes at his eyes and takes the boys hands in his own, kissing them."Soon Kieran, I have found the last book, and we shall be together again.They all think I am working for them,and I am in a way.But I too shall have cut of the reward and all I want is for us to share the dark gift.And we go away together, somewhere far away from the world."

"As always, I shall wait for you my dear Paulie.I am here with old Laddie and we are quite safe", as his hand reaches down and pats the dog's head."I must go my love, my time is limited in this place.Always"...his voice sounds as both of the forms shimmer and slowly fade away. The old man stares into the empty space as they fade away and sighs heavily.A deep sadness washing across his body and touches his face where he had felt the caress."Always" he murmurs and places a new pile of books in front of him and begins skimming thru the pages.

Notes From A Vampire Chapter 6 The vampire awoke with the morning sun streaming nauseatingly cheerfull thru partially opened blinds.Shielding her eyes with a hand, she was uncomfortable from sleeping in her clothes and the taste of stale ciggerettes and old Guinness still remained in her mouth from the night before. "Ewwww morning" she mumbled and realized those 100 tiny wee men banging their drums in her head where not going away until she had some coffee.Squinting thru her fingers she could see a coat draped across her and she smiles. "Chivalry is not dead I see, at least not in..." Sitting up suddenly those tiny wee men were becoming quite anoying and she had no idea where she was.Gray eyes flickered quickly around the room, eyeing pictures of uniformed men hanging on the walls. "Ohhhh .OHHH" she moaned"Davy" "Good morning sunshine" She jumped at the sound of the voice and promply slid to the floor,landing hard on her backside, still holding one hand to head" "For the love of God or hell or whatever..DO you have to be so loud, jeezo, I can hear snails crawling outside." A cup of coffee was waved right beneath her nose and she reached out quickly and took it, smiling up into equally blood shot eyes.His mouth upturned in a mischievious grin. "Still mates then Guin? I have pastries as well.." He points to the table set for breakfast. "Aye still mates..ya old devil. Now give us a boost up"And if you really want to help just put a bloody straw in the coffe pot..saves time."She smiles and winces as the sound of her voice was waaaaaay too loud."His strong hand clasped round hers as he moved her towards the table chuckling.She sat down timidly still mindful of the headache. His blue eyes searched hers, his full mouth open as if to speak.Instead he lowers his gaze and sips his coffee. "Ok, ok, I give up..whats on yer mind my knight in shinning armour.We have known each other for years,whats up.You look as if you will burst, just say it." "Guin..Guinevere..why don't you come home" "I am home Davy, are you still drunk" she looked away trying to fake a smile" ''Hunny, you know what I mean.Just stop searching,you know he is gone for good.All the bars and all the drugs in the world won't help.It's just numb for awhile is all.Simply trying to match his hate and shield yer heart,that's not living.They said nobody can hate you like somebody who once loved you.Cruelty and hate are not akin to love.Tis been a lie all this time, and the sooner you realize it, the better.Come home"..he reaches for her hand. "And don't give me the vampire bullshyte either. I know what you are, oh maybe not everything.But I know enough.There is something going on in your community.And we both know, it won't be good for either mundanes or vampires should these people succeed in their quest. " "Look, I am not going to ask you why you were at a house of a murdered man last night.Nor how I knew you were there.But don't ya think, if I knew you were there..somebody or something else knew as well?What ya say luvie, partners?"

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