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Who Am I?

Who are you? If you don't know by now, log off and wish to your deity you did. I am Dan, king of the obvious and annoyance to my friends.

How old are you?I am 24 right now. 25 in October. No, not on the 31st. I'm not THAT evil.

Where are you from?Well, I was born in Delaware, grew up in New Jersey and Delaware, and currently reside in.....Delaware. Feel sorry for me another day.

What do you look like?Before I shaved my head, I looked like Buddy Holly or Elvis Costello. Now I look like Curly or Fester from the Addams Family.

You shaved your head, huh. Why?Cause I wanted to know what it felt like all velvety. I must confess it feels nice, especially when a hand of the female persuasion rubs against it.

Er...okay, enough of your sexual fantasies.I got a million of them.

I didn't want to know that. What's your height and weight?I don't know, I don't care and neither should you. For sympathy's sake, let's 5'6" and 190 lbs. give or take.

Don't you have a job? Yes, I work at a local banking firm. It's great. I get to play dress up every day. My job is fun too. Monotonous, by the average person, but it's all about organization and I live for that, despite my bedroom's appearance.

What's kinds of music do you like? I know it's a cliched expression, but I like all kinds. I spent four years working retail in a music store (no, it's not like Empire Records) so I have a broad range of favorites. Everything from punk to classical, "gothic" to jazz, a little old school rap, and a tiny sliver of country. You name it, I've prolly heard of it.

Give me some examples. Okay, Switchblade Symphony (defunct) Curve, Concrete Blonde, Bad Religion, Henry Rollins, Harry Connick, Jr. Billie Holiday, Karl Orff, Johnny Cash.....

What is goth?A label, no more.

Are you goth?No, I am me. That's about it. I look dreadful in makeup and I don't have the money yet to be dressing like Gomez, but damn would if I had a really, really good reason (Morticia) I'd find the money, dammit.

Why are you such a smartass?It's called sarcasm, baby. Just part of my charm. Seriously, I am a "nice" guy (bleh, who wants to be nice) I look out for my family and friends.

You have friends? Believe it or not, I do. They make me whole and complete.

Tell me about them.Well, let me breathe in real quick. ahhhhh. There's my roommates, Amy, Eric, and Terry. I've known them all since high school and I'm surprised they still tolerate me. My former roommate, Brian, and his wife (also an old friend) Dianne. My friend, Dan (who's also Amy's boyfriend) Some online friends are Hollie, Elizabeth, Rene, Colleen, Grace (mmmmmmm), and Tonya. No, I don't have too many girl friends online haha.

What kind of movies do you like? The Crow, Bladerunner, Usual Suspects, Matrix, Payback. I'm a big noir fan. If I could, I'd go back and live in the '20's. I also like any sci-fi, fantasy horror movies with lots of death and carnage (the guy in me, I guess)

Noir?It's hard to explain. It's kind of a theme, a feeling. A lot of crime movies are based on it, though it has to real sense of time/place. The Maltese Falcon is a perfect example of Noir.

Did you cry at the end of Titanic?Yes, I did, and I know you did too, so hush with the giggling.

Why do you write?I don't know, why do I breath? It's just my way of expressing myself. Some people build, draw, kill (just kidding) I write.

Who are some of your idols? You mean like Billy Idol? Okay, there are idols and women I lust for. Most of them transcend both catagories. Henry Rollins, Jennifer Tilly, Alan Moore, Betty Page, Warren Ellis, Jeanine Garofalo (I know I spelled her name wrong, but it doesn't matter, cause it'll soon be Lewis)

What makes you think Jeanine would want you?Maybe she wants a caring and kind gentleman to covet the ground she walks on.

No, that's The Truth About Cats and Dogs.It is? Hmmph.

What are you dreams? Well, I do have one with Patricia Ford and Lisa, you mean aspirations. Write, find my Anck-su Namun and settle down at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Buy a castle. I'm a simple man.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the interview. I've given you a glimpse into my world. Now, give me one of yours. Write me and tell me a story.

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