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Brookside Lions Club
Club History

Originally sponsored by the Wilmington Manor Lions Club, the Brookside Lions Club was chartered on January 19, 1955.  The new club initiated 40 charter members with Howard C. Hoyt serving as the first (charter) president.  Dinner meetings were first held at the Kingswood Methodist Church on Marrows Road with the club soon moving to the College Inn on Main Street in Newark and later the Colony Inn in the Brookside Shopping Center.  Both the

College Inn and the Colony Inn no longer exist.  Over the years the club made several more moves and, presently meets at the Glass Kitchen restaurant in Glasgow.  Dinner meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Mondays from September through June. Board meetings take place at the "Den", located  on East Chestnut Hill Road, on the 2nd Monday of every month.
In the early days of the club, the Brookside Community Association offered storage space in their building on Chestnut Hill Road for

the club's medical equipment.  Soon after, club members constructed an addition to the structure and later put on a new roof for the entire building.  This is the club's current site and where their major fundraiser, the Annual Christmas Tree Sale is held.

Over the years, the Christmas Tree Sale has been the main fundraiser for the club. Originally, the activity was held behind the Exxon station on Marrows Road . Other activities such as chicken bar-b-ques were held at the Brookside Community Center.   In those days, the Community Center had a swimming pool and the Lions operated the refreshment stand.  Today, at the "den" medical equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds, canes and

Lion Nelson and Lion Jack replace the ceiling at the Brookside Community Center Bldg. on Marrows Rd during the summer of 2001.

crutches are stored and made available to anyone in need.

Incorporated in 1999, the Brookside Lions Club serves the residential areas in the greater Newark region surrounding  Brookside. Its membership is made up of men and women representing many diverse interests, occupations, and backgrounds.  In 1955 most of the original members lived in the Brookside community but, today, the opposite is true and the current members reside in many different residential areas.

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