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Vikramkhol :Facing Northeast Vikramkhol Rock Shelter bears the illegible signature of the time past.  81 Kms from Sambalpur via Jharsuguda -Belpahar - Grindola road. From Grindola to Vikramkhol is 8 kms by Jungle road. Inside a dense forest where a crescent shape rocks shelter at the foothill. The massive rock shelter measures 37 meter in length and 8 meter in height. Depicting various geometric and weird characters Vikramkhol inscriptions at places take the shape of identifiable animals and floral patterns. The engravings still have traces of red ochre fillings. The geometric figures and characters running horizontal lines defy sequence and baffle the interpreter. Drawn in monochromatic and polychromatic floral patterns have withstood the ravages of time. This proto-historic inscription belied to have been engraved in 1500 BC is popularly known as the Vikramkhol inscriptions.

Historian links the inscription as an intermediary between Harappan and earliest Brahmi.