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Christy, A Life.

Christy L. Slater: A Life Of Sadness, Courage and Strength. ♥ Crying at night, Crying your name, forever in my heart I will love you. ♥

♥ I walk along the path towards my classroom, i notice everyone and everything. People whisper and i wonder, are they talking about me? Everytime i hear the word: Slut, i panic, are they talking about me? I walk along to my class and turn my head and there he is, he's just standing there, laughing. How could he do this to me? He's ruined my life and he can laugh? I'll always hate him, my reputation was gone, I was alone, I had no one i could trust and when i cry during lessons, i'm thankful when special friends come up and hug me because no matter what has happened, they have been there for me, even though he nearly ruined that for me too. ♥