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What’s New -- September 24, 2005

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CSI - Las Vegas

Common Hours by Emily Brunson
Slash. There is something about this story. Six month ago, Nick left Vegas with barely a word of goodbye to anyone. When a case brings Grissom to Dallas, Gil can't resist investigating why Nick all but ran away from his old life. But is he ready for what he might find? One of those AUs where you better settle in and enjoy the ride. 330K

Those Who Wish Us Well by Evan Nicholas
Slash. Nick fans - run away. When Nick and Greg's relationship ends, it's Grissom who ends up offering Greg moral support. Cute, funny and sweet. 33K

Living Backward by Emily Brunson
Slash. This is an AU that resets the CSI universe when Nick first moves to Vegas -- with his boyfriend. What follows is a story that anyone who has been in a slow-ending relationship will recognize. Nick's yearning for something more while hesitating to leave behind what he has is well told. 314K

Whispers on the Wind by Starkindler
Slash. Starkindler does a good job splitting the focus between a serial killer and a newly developing relationship between Gil and Nick. 600K

Parchment by Neko
Slash. Short but exquisitly told. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to get things right. Greg and Nick go through trial and error. 13K


Smallville/The 4400 (and a bit of Batman Beyond)
The 0100 by vissy
Gen-ish. Short but packing a nice little punch. A bit of an AU, what if Lex Luthor was 'taken' in 2005 and returned with 4,399 other people some 50 years in the future? 14K

The DC Comic Universe

Stop This Day and Night With Me by Te
Slash. Poor Connor Hawke. I know he's considered to be too boring to be interesting by most of the writers in the DC fandom, and in what few stories there are out there, he's either slashed with Kyle (Green Lantern) or Roy (Arsenal). I think I literally squealed with joy when I stumbled across this story because first, Te!, and second, Connor/Tim! Done with being Robin, Tim abruptly cuts all ties with the superhero community. Curious as to what has happened to his cyber penpal, Connor ends up 'On the Road' with the former Robin. 166K.

Being and Belonging by Te
Slash. *Thud* Oops, pardon me while I climb back up in my chair. Set after the Drakes' find out about Tim's alter-ego. Te'e writing style in this story dead-on captures Tim's fragmented emotions and Dick's need to cling to one of the last familiar things left from his old life. This is a truly perfect first time story, and hot enough to start flash fires. 69K

Bite Your Lip by Te
Slash. You might notice the abundance of Te rec's this go around. There are 2 really good reasons for that -- not only is Te one of the best writers on the net, but also one of the most prolific, especially in the DC fandom. Bite Your Lip is insanely hot, and that's saying something considering the company it keeps with Te's other stories. Tim gets caught spying on Dick, and the results will set your monitor on fire. 31K.

Flux by SKH
Het?. I'm not real big on genderswap stories, but I'll make an exception for this one. An accident turns Dick Grayson into 'Robbie Malone', cute, petite, and definately female. SKH spends equal time between canon-style action and the requisite fanfiction-angst. The story remains unfinished, but it is already at novel length. I really hope that SKH continues it. 600+K

Stress Relief by Anne Higgins
Slash. Batman and Robin(I) find a new and incredibly hot way to work off a bad night. Don't forget your ice cubes for this one. Mild BDSM warning. 19K

Follow the Leader by Jim Greeno
Gen. I can't believe I haven't rec'd this story before now. It has one of my all-time favorite lines in DC fanfic: "Faster than a speeding bullet, my butt! Ha! NW." Dick stops by to talk to Clark after Batman is tossed from the Justice League. It's rare to find a writer that can capture not only the dialogue of the key characters, but the motivations and psychology behind them as well. Somebody give Jim Greeno a job at DC Comics. Stat. 53K

All the Skin You're Missing by Jane St. Clair
Slash. Tim begins falling apart in the wake of his father's death. Dick does his best to hold Tim together, any way that he can. The way Jane manages to capture the raw emotions of Tim's pain together with Dick's dueling need to comfort and his sense of inevitability is breathtaking. Just another example of why Jane is one of the best fanfic writers out there. 33K.

More Than Two Men by Derry
Slash. Future fic where Bruce is gone. Batman has always needed a Robin, but are Tim and Dick ready to make that change? I usually like future fics, and this one just struck me as more...I guess the best word is...mature than most, with all the twisted psyches and angst that we expect from the Batclan. 44K

An Unpretending Time by LC
Slash. Tim and Dick take a fantasy a little far one night, and it is up to Dick to make amends before it becomes too late. 52K

Dodge-Town by Shrift
Slash. How many fic standards can one story incorporate? Shrift proves that good writing can make even old plot stand-bys seem new again. Pollen-fic. Tim angst. Dick rides up and surprises Tim and Bernard at the diner. Etc. 60K

Six Days, Seven Nights by Keelywolfe
Slash. There is not enough Green-boys fic on the web, let alone good Kyle/Connor fic like this. Kyle's subconscious is trying to tell him something. Connor's sleep is suffering because of it. 111K.

Not a Heart, Beating by Brighid
Slash. Dick realizes just how little separates the members of the Batclan and the Arkham regulars they so often chase. When Bruce gets a little too close to the edge, it is up to Dick to bring him back. 13K

For To Be A Lover by Weirdness Magnet and Te
Slash. Putting the 'fun' in dysfunctional families, Dick tries to talk to Tim after a near-death experience. Gotta love this kind of non-verbal communication. 40K

Management Strategies by Weirdness Magnet
Slash. Tim is struggling with his life post-Robin. Kon stops by wanting to help. Excellent characterizations are what make this story really work. 38K

How Much String is in the World. Who Has It. by SomeInstant
Slash. Tim Drake conducts a study of Nightwing in his natural habitat. The trouble with observations is that they don't always come to the conclusions that you expect. Funny, sweet, hot and completely in character. 43K


Touch by Kipli
Slash. While on shoreleave, Malcom and Trip sample some of the special local brew. One hell of hot first time story. 30K

The Shingle Beach by Sal
Slash. This is a gorgous AU. A chance meeting between a teenaged Malcolm and Starfleet Cadet Trip changes the course of the younger man's life. What follows is a series of encounters that progress the inevitable relationship between the pair. 55K

Dantrian Trade Protocol #32 Paragraph 2 by Sal
Slash. The thing about most "Aliens Make Them Do It" stories in any sci-fi fandom is that most authors end the stories with the pair sticky and walking off into the sunset together, Sal takes her version one step further. After the deed is done, Trip and Malcolm do their best to move on. Too bad it's not going to be that simple. A well told story. 124K

Skin by Kylie Lee and The Grrrl
Slash. Simple and sweet hurt/comfort story. Trip and Malcolm get together after a bad away mission. 31K

You Get What You Need Part 1 and Part 2 by Stexgirl
Het. I'm not certain what disgusted me more -- that they cancelled Enterprise or that they aired that honkin' piece of shit last episode. But one of the best things about fanfic is that there is always the opportunity to fix canon mistakes. While the rest of the crew moves on to new lives and assignments, Trip lingers in a coma in a San Francisco hospital. Waking to find his former crewmates scattered, Trip's friendship with Hoshi continues to grow as she helps him with his recovery. 140K

Harry Potter - Adult

Here's to the Night by Wynn
Adult. Hermione and Draco, Memento style. Edgy and painfully sharp. 61K

Harry Potter - Slash

At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners by Duinn Fionn
Slash.Remus/Draco. The Order isn't quite certain what to do with Draco after he is liberated from a Death Eater camp. Remus finds that Draco is so much more...and less...than the snotty Slytherin he taught at Hogwarts. 39K

Without Rhyme or Reason by Kindi
Slash. Harry/Draco. Draco blackmails Harry into providing the B, D and S in a BDSM relationship. The twist here is that Harry isn't really interested...at first. This story is well-paced and smartly thought out. 93K

Harsh and Honest by Aspen
Slash. Harry/Draco. Like Atomic Fireball candies -- spicy, red hot and with no real nutritional value. But even for a PWP story, this one hits all the good kinks (or bad ones, depending on how you look at it). 92K

Snakes and Ladders by Alvira
Non-graphic slash.Harry/Draco. Future fic, how I adore thee. Harry's son is starting Hogwarts and, as a werewolf, he needs the assistance of Potions Master Draco Malfoy. Draco learns to look past the father to bond with the son. Lots of fanfic chestnuts, but well-written and rather sweet. 123K

In Want of a Wife by Eledhwen
Slash. Harry/Severus. The war has been over for five years and life has returned to normal for most of the Wizarding World. It seems to Harry that everyone he knows is either getting married or wants to know when he's going to get married. Probably not too soon for the mostly-in-the-closet Boy Who Lived. Harry may not end up lonely, though, after a chance meeting with Severus. The relationship between the two is well-written and nicely paced. 224K.

Preparation and Blush by Closet Bound
Slash. Harry/Draco. Holy shit! Warning: Ice is required for cool down after reading these stories. In Preparation, Harry asks Draco a question. If dirty talk is one of your kinks, you'll be as turned on as Harry by Draco's answer. Blush continues the story, where Draco has to put out or shut up. Do not miss these! 35K, 45K.

Abandon by Anise
Slash. Harry/Sirius/Remus. Guh. Just. Guh. If you're looking for a plot, keep moving. If you're looking for one of the hottest PWPs in any fandom, then you're in the right place. 50K.

A Different War by kishijoten
Slash. Charlie/Draco. Draco is badly injured after he chooses the Side of Light. When the Order places him with the Weasleys during his recovery, Draco discovers that rejecting the Death Eaters is the least of the changes he's about to experience. Nicely paced with a believable Redeemed!Draco. 417K.

The Tao of Diogenes by The Treacle Tart
Non-graphic slash. Ron/Severus. Hospitalized after the end of the war, Snape drives healer after healer away until he comes across one that won't be driven away -- Ron Weasley. Over time, Snape comes to realize that there is more to the man than the boy he remembers, a man with his own crosses to bear. There is a maturity to this story that makes it work. 52K

More Than Fantasy by Rachel W.
Slash/Het. Remus/Hermione/Severus. There are hints of underage issues that may squeak some readers, but otherwise this is a progression of crushes, patience and, finally, fulfillment. Nicely done. 70K.

Touch and Go by Arsenic
Slash. Remus/Severus, Harry/Draco. Set during and after the war, this story is yet another example of why Arsenic is such a brillent writer. Remus holds out against torture, Severus brews up some wicked new potions, Draco defects, and Harry saves the day. The war is over, so why isn't anyone happy? 217K.

Kailash, When It Rises by Mirabella
Non-graphic slash. Harry/Draco. The author's summary is simply: Harry can't sleep. While that is true, it fails to capture the utter brillance that is this story. Harry is alone, awaiting news of the outcome of Draco's latest mission. How such a short story can capture the twists and turns of Harry's mind -- how our fears and imaginations can be the greatest of our enemies. 35K.

Contingency by Dorrie6
Non-graphic slash. Harry/Draco. While I'm a sucker for redeemed!Draco fics, I love this fic because, for once, it's a Draco who is uncertain of his own motivations. Nicely told. 92K.

Somnio Salvus by Invisibabe
Slash. Harry/Draco. While this story could use a good beta, if you don't mind the occasional typo, it's well worth the read. Draco uses a dangerous potion to invade Harry's dreams. What starts out as a prank leads to something Draco never expected. 388K

Pure Intentions by Olivia Lupin
Non-graphic slash. Harry/Draco. Draco wants to defect, but he's not certain how to go about it. How does one go about asking one's greatest enemy for help? Short and extremely sweet. 35K.

The Care of Infants by Stellahobbit
Slash. Harry/Severus. There are a lot of "Harry regresses back to a baby" stories out there, but this one is, by far, my favorite. Snape is not easily swayed by baby/toddler/child Harry, and yet there is a bond created between the two. The story unfolds nicely. 97K.

Promiscuous Behavior Unbecoming by Helen
Mild-slash. Ron/Draco, Harry/everyone. War is over, and everyone has lost something of themselves because of it. Harsh, cruel and powerful. 30K.

Shelter from the Storm by Isis
Mild-slash. Draco/Severus. Voldemort has won, and what is left of the Order is scattered and in hiding. Draco is stuck working for the New Ministry's Census Office. Out in the field, he stumbles across somebody he wasn't expecting. What I love most about this story is the subtlety. 40K.

The O.C.

Seth is 15, and 26 by Clem K.
Slash. Told in the style of The Time Travler's Wife, Seth moves through time, and somehow even then, he doesn't get the whole picture. 41K

It's My Party by Bone
Slash. Set pre the first Summer/Seth relationship, Seth's frustration leads him to ask Ryan for just a taste of what's he's missing. Bone manages to capture the heat and emotions of the near-universal 'teenagers making out in a car' experience. 19K

The Difference Between Breaking the Bank and Just Breaking Even and Everybody's Looking Like the Color of Money by wearemany
Slash. AU where Ryan is hustler who ends up working a Cohen party. The first story is bittersweet and so in character, you'll think it's a dream episode of the show. I should be so lucky to have dreams as hot as the sequel.

Five Things That Never Happened to Ryan Atwood (and Seth Cohen) by Sandy
Slash. I'm not a big fan of the '5 things' story format. It might seem odd, then, that I've rec'd more than a couple of them. This is probably the cream of the crop, though, in any of the participating fandoms. Five turning points in the life of Ryan. Funny how all roads seem to lead back to Seth. 76K.

To Be Alone With You Part 1 and Part 2 by thinkpink
Slash. Sequel to what is arguably the best OC futurefic out there, the stunning Hallelujah. Getting back together was the easy part... 75K, 75K

Stargate: SG-1

Past Sins by Orithain & Rina
Slash. Jonas/Tanith. I'm probably going to lose credibility as a SG-1 fan, but I liked Jonas. Granted, not as much as Daniel, but hey, Parker Lewis! Throw in Methos...er...Tanith and I'm there. Granted, the story premise is spotty in places, but who says a 2 year old Gou'ald can't have a change of heart? 228K.

The Empty Well by Destina
Slash. I've got to side with Capt. Janeway on this one. Alternate timelines/realities usually give me a headache. Not this story, though. Destina's amazing banter and spot on characterizations made this story a joy, not a reason to suck down a bottle of Advil. 55K.

Stargate: Atlantis

Hindsight by Prufrock
Slash. This one as been rec'd by everyone with access to a computer, but that ought to tell you something. Otherwise known as 'The FBI AU', Agent Sheppard is assigned to the case when somebody tries to kill Rodney. Spot on characterization and a solid plot make this story damn near perfect. 202K

Layover by Kylie Lee
Slash. On Earth post Siege III, a delayed flight brings Rodney to John's doorstep. Nicely told. 36K

No Refunds or Exchanges by Shalott
Slash. This is my favorite of the Harlequin challenge stories. On Atlantis, Rodney mail-orders a bride without reading the fine-print, and gets John instead of the blond female he had been expecting. Funny, sweet, hot and amazingly in character. 113K

Impossibilium by Canadian Snoopy
Slash. This is not an easy story to summarize, which may be a factor in why I like it so much. Screw the summary. John. Rodney. Near death experience. Music exchange. Awesome soundtrack. In vino veritas. Go. Read. Now. 130K

Intersections by Kaneko
Slash. An alternate version of John and Rodney's first meeting -- early after Rodney's arrival at Antarctica. Between the casual-but-reluctantly-escalating relationship and the amazing backstory for both characters, this story is damn close to perfect. 151K

Oblivious by Shalott
Slash. Rodney is in a relationship with John. Too bad John doesn't seem to think so. Pitch-perfect John in the face of that force of nature otherwise known as Rodney McKay. 48K

Thicker Than Water by Julad
Slash. I'm such a sap for 'visiting Earth' stories. Rodney takes John with on a visit to his sister, Jeannie. The realism of this story really makes it stand out in the genre. 103K

Neighboring Solitudes by chelle
Slash. There are a lot of post-Duet stories out there, but this is one of my favorites. There is something about is that is just plain hot. John timeshares his body with Rodney. I really enjoyed chelle's take on Rodney finally grasping what using Ancient technology is like for John. 56K

Care Packages by Auburn and eretria
Gen. I loved this one. Completely gen, but funny as hell. With the Daedalus making regular runs, the folks at the SGC get together some care packages for a few of the more lonely people at the SGA. McKay and Sheppard get a few surprises from SG-1. 50K

When in Haldoria by Speranza
Slash. Speranza is writing SGA fic!! Needing some hard to find supplies, Rodney and John have no choice but to deal with the Haldorians, a slave owning society. Due to circumstances, though, John gets to be the slave. Trouble is, he kind of likes it. What makes this story damn-near perfect is Speranza's hilarious spot-on dialogue. 60K

Advantage by Resonant
Slash. Yet another fanfic writing giant has turned up in the SGA fandom! It wasn't Rodney's fault. Really. Those stupid aliens didn't understand that Rodney always treats John like his personal servant. Unfortunately, now they've gone and made it so that John has no choice but to serve Rodney. Now, how to keep Rodney from taking advantage of his influence -- either intentionally or unintentionally. 86K

Double Occupancy by Isis
Slash. Another well-told John and Rodney body swap story. Another Ancient device causes a little problem for the guys. 111K

A Better Fate by chelle
Slash. McKay/Sheppard. This is probably one of my all-time favorite SGA fics. Following a disastrous mission, the guys are granted leave back on Earth. Opting to spend their time with John's parents, John and Rodney make their peace with recent past events and with each other. The story is a bit AU (John's dad is a teacher, not with the military). I love SGA stories where the characters are back on Earth, and with the gentle progression of the McShep relationship, this is one of the best. 160K

A Beautiful Lifetime Event by Shalott
Slash. McKay/Sheppard. Usually when a story is rec'd by everyone and their dog, there is a reason. This story is no exception. Long, beautifully written and well paced, Shalott makes an awesome varition on MPREG (don't worry, there isn't a male-giving-birth in sight). Just think of it as a reversal on that old kids rhyme - first comes the baby in the baby carriage. Or, if you're in Atlantis, in the bizarre Ancient artifical womb). There are a couple of sequels available as well, check the links on the bottom of the story. 173K

Triptych by Alyse
Het/Slash. Weir/Sheppard/McKay. Bit of an AU where John, Rodney and Elizabeth are prisoners of the Genii following the The Storm. Stark and edgy, John and Rodney help Elizabeth hold on by holding on... 17K

Sober by miera
Het/Slash. Weir/Sheppard/McKay. Somebody should make a rule that SG teams aren't allowed to eat or drink any native consumables while on missions. Unless, of course, the team members end up in steamy threesome fics like this. 28K

The Power of Love by Wolfine
Slash. McKay/Sheppard. I don't think I can do better than Wolfine's own summary. "John finds a new room in the city that does something when he touches the shaft in middle. No lie." Wolfine takes what has already become an overused SGA plot device and managed to turn out a creative, hot little story. 70K

Diplomatic Incident by Zoe Rayne
Slash. McKay/Sheppard. For a change, it's John that makes the aliens have sex. Luckily enough, he and McKay manage to have some, too. Cute reversal on an old fic standard. 34K

Damage Control by Kageygirl
Slash. McKay/Sheppard. Post-Siege 2, Rodney is pissed but not for the reason John thinks. Nicely done. 32K.

Rodney McKay and the Hot Blooded Pilot by Fabula Rasa
Slash. McKay/Sheppard. Rodney's latest care package via the Daedalus includes the newest book in a certain best-selling children's series. The waiting list is already long and if John wants to jump ahead to the top of it, he'd better come up with something more original than the coffee and chocolate the others are offering. 35K.

Left Behind by miera
Het/slash. Weir/Sheppard/McKay. Dark, future fic. John, Elizabeth and Rodney are the only surviors of the Atlantis mission. John thinks that he is individually helping Elizabeth and Rodney keep going, but they aren't the ones who are really falling apart. There is a nice subtlety to this story that makes it worth reading (at least) twice. 29K

What’s New -- March 13, 2005


Buffy/Lord of the Rings
Single Blond Elf by Jinni
Gen. Someone from Middle Earth chose to stay behind. Ages later, a certain redheaded witch catches his eye. One of the better Buffy/LotR crossovers out there. 163K

The OC and Smallville
Places That You Know and This Year's Girl by MollyTM
Adult/Slash. I had my doubts about crossing these two fandoms, but Molly makes it work. Following the death of her father, and out-of-sorts Chloe makes her way out to California. Despite the differences in their personalities, Ryan, Seth and Chloe all find common ground in their outcast status. Nicely done. 125K

Harry Potter/Popslash
The Language of Hieroglyphs by Arsenic
Non-Graphic Slash. A million years ago, I made a vow to myself that RPS (Real Person Slash) was very icky and I would never read it. And then I discovered LoTrips...and lost my resolve not to read RPS. Right about the time boybands were dying out, my friend DS would not shut up until I read this beautiful story, Watch The Wind Blow By, which is probably one of the best pieces of fanfiction ever written. Thus began my admiration of JC Chasez (and explains why this rec page wasn't updated for over a year, as DS and I have been busy with Lettergirls Popslash Recommendations). Arsenic is one of the best fanfic writers around, and Hieroglyphs is probably one his/her best. Vacationing in Egypt, JC runs into Bill Weasley. Despite appearances, they have more in common than anyone might have thought. I adore the interactions in this story, especially as JC gets introduced into the Wizarding World. Even if you aren't a popslash fan, give this story a chance. 82K

The Changing of the Guard series by Ecolea
Gen. One of my all-time favourite crossovers. Ecolea writes dialogue that could have been lifted out of the best scripts from both series, and (s)he really has a handle on both Methos and Jack's characters. Adam Pierson unknowingly goes to work for the Stargate program to translate some tablets found off-world. When the Tokra expose him as an Immortal, Methos is brought onto the SG-1 team. I cannot say enough kind words about this series, although the series weakens somewhat in the later chapters. Novel length.

The Search and Rescue series by Laney
Adult.In this Buffy AU, Willow goes to the Air Force Academy following the Graduation deaths of Buffy, Xander and Oz. Eventually her career takes her to the SCG, where she becomes part of SR-1, the top Search and Rescue team. Haunted by the parallels between her new life and her old one, Willow find a friend in Daniel Jackson. Later stories bring the Angel Investigations team back into the picture. Still a work-in-progress, but the whole series is already at novel length.

Enterprise/Horatio Hornblower
Parenthetical by CimmerianWillow
Slash. Although the plot device is overused, especially in the various Star Trek fandoms, CimmerianWillow's take on it is solid. Tossed back in time, universes cross resulting in Horatio and a dying Archie being brought aboard Enterprise. Watching the pair may just inspire Trip to do more than just lust after Malcolm. Nicely written. 414K

Everwood/Harry Potter
That Old Black Magic and That Wicked Witchcraft by CCCarioca
Slash.Two barely related stories, but both are breath-taking. In the first one, Ephram runs into a pair of very...adventurous...wizards in New York. Hot, very hot. The second story runs a bit deeper. It turns out that Bright comes from Wizarding stock. Opting for a career in the Wizarding medical profession, he starts a relationship with a Wizarding doctor, Cedric Black (and if you don't figure it out from the name, just keep reading). An incredible take on Bright, especially his feelings about his life and his relationship with his family. 200K

Harry Potter - Het/Adult

Sometimes Salvation by Victoria P.
Adult. Hermione/Remus. Remus is despondent in the months following the death of Serius. Hermione tries to help. I liked that the underage issue isn't ignored and, as much as I like happily-ever-after endings, I'm glad with the way that Victoria left this one. 104K

A Walk in Darkness by Nikki
Adult.Draco/Hermione. Hermione loses her sight and Draco finally learns how to see. A good story, but it would be better with a good, sound beta reader. 90K

Damaged by Melissa D.
Adult. Draco/Hermione. To paraphrase, you can't always get what you want, but you just might find you get what you need. Post-Hogwarts and Hermione is living a half-life. Draco is a businessman of questionable morals. The deal was pure sex and no questions asked, but will they stick to the terms? Not your typical D/Hr fic, but Melissa makes it work beautifully. 148K

Roundabout by arakne
Adult.Draco/Hermione. To think I almost gave up on this story during my first read through. I wasn't too impressed with the beginning, but oh man, the middle has some of the best first-time sex in the fandom. As for the end, I thought I'd just been punched in the gut. Loved this one! 102K

The Rest of Their Lives by Smuggled Muggle
Adult. Draco/Hermione. One year after the defeat of Voldemort, a broken-hearted Hermione leaves the Wizarding World behind her. After a chance meeting with another self-imposed exile, Draco, the two form a close friendship, but what will happen when circumstances bring them back to Hogwarts? What will the friends she left behind say after seven years of silence? There is a 'mature' feel to this story that is difficult to find in most HP fics. 285K

Harry Potter - Slash

Left My Heart by Emma Grant
Slash. Harry/Draco. One of the staples of the Harry/Draco fandom, this story is gorgeous from start to finish. The war is over and Auror Harry Potter has been given a new assignment -- to follow a lead that Draco Malfoy has been spotted in San Francisco. But will Harry find what his is expecting, or maybe he will finally find what he didn't realize he was looking for. Novel Length.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Duinn Fionn
Slash. Harry/Draco Another staple of the Harry/Draco fandom. After turning spy for the side of Light, Draco's ever-after doesn't quite turn out the way he planned. Draco's post-war life includes an unexpected friendship with Dean Thomas, a career as a fashion model, a cursed Harry Potter and a six-plus month vow of silence. Go read. Now! Novel length.

What Separates Us by Amy
Slash. Harry/Draco. Standard HP plot device #2: a spell goes wrong. Funny, but the summary, a mix up in Advanced Potions leaves Harry wanting Draco, doesn't do this story justice. There are some lovely moments and a depth that most other stories of this genre tend to lack. Long and very worth the read. Squick alert for mention of past incest! 450K

Draco Malfoy and His Unknown Fate and Draco Malfoy and His Happily Ever After by Jitterbug1
Slash. Harry/Draco. Disinherited by his father, Draco finds himself broke and truly on his own for the first time. Wonderfully told, with very human-yet-in-character Draco, and a steady progression ultimately leading to the Harry/Draco part. Novel length.

Second Chances by kishijoten
Slash.Harry/Draco. Normally I hate 'children' stories, but this one was interesting. Post-Hogwarts finds Draco divorced and caring for his 3 kids. Enrolling them in Hogwarts brings Professor Harry Potter back into Draco's life, especially when Draco's (gasp) Hufflepuff son starts having emotional problems. Novel length.

Midst of Life by Anise
Slash. Draco/Remus. Not a lot of this pairing out there on the web, and of what's there, not a lot worth reading. Anise makes it work, though. After offering up information to the Order, Draco needs somewhere to stay for his own protection. Remus reluctantly takes him in. 100K

All This Time by Calliope 14 and Legomymalfoy
Slash. Harry/Ron. Post-Hogwarts and post-war find Aurors Ron Weasley and Harry Potter sharing a flat. What happens when Harry makes a pass at the clueless Ron? A sweet and solid story. 52K

A Sea Change by Lapin Agile
Slash.Harry/Draco. Holy crap! I about slid out of my chair. Perfect Harry. Perfect Draco. Some of the hottest sex ever written for this pairing. 100K

Control Issues by Anise
Slash. Harry/Remus. Dom!Remus...and sub!harry...and tongues...and...guh. 20K

The OC

Hallelujah by ThinkPink
Adult. Quite easily my favourite OC fic to date. Set in the future, too young to deal with their feelings, Ryan and Seth separated themselves both emotionally and physically. An unplanned visit may give them the chance to change all that. A beautiful story told in a beautiful way. 68K

Holiday Spirits: An 'I Never' Adventure companion story by a.
Slash. Sequel?: Check. Overused plot device: Check. Shaky set up: Check. One of the hottest first-time blow jobs ever written: Priceless. 110K

Art Imitates Life by Silk Knickers
Slash. Quick, cute and in character. Future fic where Seth starts publishing his own graphic novels -- and living vicariously through them. What does the Newport Beach crowd have to say when they see themselves in comic book form? 11K

Stargate: Atlantis

Two Weeks by The Grrrl
Adult.Sheppard/McKay. When you've got nothing left, you've got nothing left to lose, right? Sheppard and McKay come to an arrangement before a massive Wraith attack. Hot. 80K

The Balcony Series by Leah
Slash. Sheppard/McKay. A beautiful series that unfolds almosts perfectly. A string of random moments on the city's balconies, these stories hit all the right points - from Sheppard's complexity to McKay's insecurities and underlying determination. 340K

Cherry by Rivier
Slash. Sheppard/McKay. A typical holiday story, but a well-written one. McKay is laid up in the infirmary the night before the expedition's first Christmas celebration in Atlantis. John goes to special lengths to try to make it up to Rodney (no -- not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter!) 51K

Silence Is Golden and Crime Pays by AbylityMaren
Slash. Sheppard/McKay. A night in a hayloft with Ford and Teyla just downstairs -- not exactly the best place for a first-time. Told from alternate points of view, this pair of stories works wonderfully. 11K, 11K

Lieder Ohne Worte (Song Without Words) by Ellex
Slash. Sheppard/McKay. When Rodney loses his voice, John finally learns to hear him. Nicely done. 27K

Proof of Contradiction by Lady of Shalott
Slash. Sheppard/McKay. Whoo-hoo!! Lady of Shalott is writing Atlantis fic! May many more follow this one. John and Rodney's first time is under the influence of an alien drug AND in public. Can they get past it? 101K

Seven Ways John Sheppard Goes Home by Minnow
Adult. I'm not a big fan of the "# of things that never happened to..." genre of fanfic that seems to be popping up everywhere these days, but this story seems to be the exception to the rule. Seven microstories that go from happy to heartbreaking at breakneck speed. 52K

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