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My sincerest apologies for not werking this page in SO long. where duz the time go...... WELL, thanx to Gary Dassing I have the latest info on Fekler for you all to gobble up. This info may be found HERE

I will be adding some FF MP3s as soon as I can get this program to werk fer me. Photos are finally up!

Maybe the best newcomer to emerge from the Industrial scene. Terrific beats allied with brilliant melodies and highly intricate song structures make "From Here to Heaven" the best debut release of the year. Any fan of Mentallo and the Fixer will drool over this terrific release.
- Isolation Tank

Ok I'm fed up with not being able to find any Fektion Fekler pages out there. So ,here. A Fektion Fekler page. Not much ,but it's something.. Knock yerselves out!

thanks go out to John and Robert Bustamente, James Mendez, & Gary Dassing for all the encouragment, help, and great tunez.

Fektion Fekler is another great duo out of Texas, bringing us more of the wonderful catchy electro-industrial that we all love oh so dearly. Ok maybe FF isn't for everyone out there, but they are incredibly talented. And anyone who mentions music as being their addiction on a cd sleeve earns my respect! Their music has been compared to that of Mentallo and the Fixer, perhaps a similar style to their "Continuum" cd. I can't say I agree with this (I don't even have "Continuum" :( +sob+), but many do so there's a good chance a bunch of you will agree with them. Fektion Fekler is however unique and certainly have their own sound.

Brothers John and Robert Bustamante formed Fektion Fekler in 1990. They have appeared on many compilations including one by Digital Underground and on the first of the Elektrauma series. They released a full-length cassette entitled "Distressed Tension" on SPH Records and an EP called "Soul Assassin" on Bright Green Records. After many years of hiding out, FF finally reappeared in early '96 with more compilation work, and the long-awaited debut cd on Pendragon Records, "From Here To Heaven".

Distressed Tension (SPH Records)
Soul Assassin (Bright Green Records)
Elektrauma (Discordia 1994) - "Effectively Dismembered"
Biotech 02 (SDS Productions 1996) - "Immortal Faith (Mix)"
Industrial Nation #13 Sampler (Industrial Nation 1996) - "Immortal Faith (DWM Mix)"
Awake the Machines (Out of Line 1997) - "My Weakest Point"
From Here To Heaven (Pendragon Records 1997)
AN^2 Apocalypse Now (EuroMedia) - "Turn Around Mind (Let's Get High Mix)"
kling klang bedlam (Pendragon Records 1998)

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