Entomancy is divination through insects. Below is a short list of interpretations.


To be bitten by an Ant warns of quarrels. If ants make their nest near to your home's threshold, prosperity is promised.

A Central African tribe uses ants for yes/no divination. Two long leaves are inserted into an ant hill. If the ants eat the left leaf first, the answer is yes, and if on the right is eaten first, the answer is no.


If a Bee flies into a house, it brings good luck to the residents, but killing a bee will bring bad luck. In some areas, fishermen believe that a a bee flying in the same direction as the boat will help bring them a good catch. According to the Romans however, a flight of bees is an ill omen. It is said that in 48 BC, the defeat of the army of Pompeii at Pharsalus was foretold when a swarm of bees settled on the sacred altar. The humming of bees foretells good news, but if their humming sounds angry, trouble is coming.


Among the ancient Egyptians, the scarab and other Beetles have acquired a fortunate significance. If a beetle runs across your path while out on a country walk, it signifies good luck. The bigger the beetle, the better your good fortune.

In Polynesia, a murder may be solved by allowing a beetle to crawl over the grave of the victim. The tracks made by the insect will reveal the murderer's identity, possibly even the name.


It is no surprise that the Cockaroach is regarded universally with repulsion. If it appears where it is not generally seen, it foretells of death.


The Cricket is regarded as lucky in all parts of the world. They foretell peace, prosperity, and domestic contentment. If crickets mysteriously abandon a house which they have inhabited for a long time, illness or death will follow.


The Grosshopper foretells good news and travel.


The Ladybug has been viewed as a bearer of good news since the Middle Ages. One bearing seven spots on its back is considered especially lucky.

In Britain, a young woman could tell which direction her lover would arrive from if she cupped a ladybug (with spotted wings) in her hand then watched where it flew off to when released.


Killing a Spider, especially at night, is very unfortunate. A spider in the evening foretells of money loss, while one in the morning is a warning of grief. If you see one at noon, it tells of trouble and anxiety. If you find one spinning a web, it means that a plot is being formed against you. Finding one upon your clothes or person is an omen of prosperity however. Tiny spiders bring easy money, while large spiders also bring money -if you're willing to work for it.


If you are stung by a wasp, it is a warning to be on your guard against jealousy and deception. The hum of wasps augur an unwelcome and unexpected guest or slander.