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"Gleiberman said what?!?"

You won't find this review on the web, but Armond White's review of Snake Eyes in New York Press is the best out there. He doesn't like Cage's performance in the film (he says Cage "deflates" it), but this is a review by someone who knows De Palma's work inside and out. He writes that De Palma "trusts that movie audiences, like Santoro (played by Cage), still care. Viewers weaned on mindless action flicks might not like the way Snake Eyes gets deeper and deeper into politics and personal motives; waiting for more chases and shootouts and killings they'll miss how beautifully De Palma explores the vision, memory and consciousness of each eyewitness..."

Of the film's opening long shot, White writes, "This moral velocity is familiar from Welles' Touch Of Evil; De Palma similarly energizes the story into a sober realization of the corruption we all live with. His tour de cinema is no mere stunt; it also examines contemporary suffering."

White continues, "Ever mindful of the moment JFK's assassination changed American life, De Palma has followed that obsession into stories about characters who face a moment of shock. His films are concerned with fate, drama, responsibility, honor and temptation. Fools think he's only about suspense, but he really questions how fate and character intersect."

On De Palma's uses of split-screens and multiple viewpoints, White writes, "Some people dismiss this as genre gimmickry, but the most remarkable moment in all of De Palma's work is when these perspectives clash; or characters' differences meet and merge--the housewife and prostitute glimpsing each other before death in Dressed To Kill, the GI and Vietnamese hostage's final look to one another in Casualties Of War and here, when Cage and Stan Shaw as boxer Lincoln Tyler recognize that something is wrong at the instant their corrupted lives come in sync."

White finally concludes that "Snake Eyes shows the same exhilarating, reformist fervor one admired in Sam Fuller, only better; imagine Sam Fuller with exquisite technique."

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