ISCI 2001 Lecture Assignment

ISCI 2001 Lecture Assignment



If you have not done so already, finish reading Chapter 16

Begin your review of this chapter for your 2nd lecture exam


You should review parts of chapter 14 Organic Chemistry


          The parts you need to review are:

                   Structural isomers p. 295

                   Saturated vs. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons p. 297

                   Functional Groups pp. 298-9

                             Special Attention to Table 14.1

                   Drug Action and Discovery pp. 301-2

                   Polymers p. 306

                   Condensation Polymers (Dehydration Synthesis) p. 308


Read Chapter 18 Biological Diversity


          You may ignore the section on Cladistic Classification on

pages 402-405


Try to get as far as the Animals