Information included in this site will be useful for students in Ecology courses, particularly those courses that have a human orientation. Our particular course covers three interrelating topics of Energy, Populations, and Ecosystems. Link sites will be chosen that provide balanced presentations of information or clearly identified philosophies that may be usable for lecture format or the laboratory setting. More will follow!

Environmentally Oriented Links Emphasizing Energy

WWW Virtual Library:Energy:
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network:
Biofuels Information Network:
Home of the Rocky Mountain Institute:
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology:
Alternative Fuels Data Center:
Biomass Resource Information Clearinghouse:
Environmental Protection Agency:
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration:
Electric Power Research Institute:
Biomass Energy Alliance:
Solstice: Fantastic Site dealing with Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Sustainable Living - looking for houses of straw or old tires? - go to section under efficiency - great set of links
Alliance to Save Energy:

General Ecology Sites

National Wildlife Organization: Contains an on-line library + links
Rainforest Action Network:
Natural Resources Defense Council:
EE-Link: Excellent set of diverse links and activities
EcoNet: Supports ecological sustainability and environmental justice
Virtual Library on the Environment:
Information on the Albany Pine Bush area:
Sea World site about Coral Reefs: