Study Guide for Heart, etc.

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Section I.

Visit the following site regarding Blood and Body Defenses. Use the information as a review for blood and its activities. Be sure to look at the various images embedded within the notes.

In the section that talks about some important characteristics of White Blood Cells (particularly neutrophils) click on phagocytosis to see it in action. View the various YouTube videos.

Click on thrombocytes and listen to the talk on hemostasis.

Click on video about Thrombus and embolus.


Watch Blood Flow through the Heart.
Here is another site showing the blood flow.

Learn about your blood pressure.

This site, Anatomy of Human Circulatory System, is part of a giant online textbook site and would be helpful for almost any information about biological subjects about which you need to know up-to-date information.
This information about the Heartbeat is from the same site.

Section II.

The Virtual Body visit the four sites.