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Lina's Slayers Aurora

June 6th, 2001- Well, it's been oh....2 months since I've updated. Anyway, things are confusing in my life right now, what with Finals this week (Yah!) and starting my new job (working in a coffee shop) I'm very busy. The computer should be fixed soon, I hope...*cries* it really hates me! Anyway, the fanart is in the Lina gallery and I took the poll down. Lina won by far and the poll is almost a year old now! That's because I forgot my password. So I'll be brief, I gtg work on studying! Chow! Soon I'll have the new version ready for everyone to veiw. If you wanna take a look click here. So it's been awhile. I added a new link, and a banner. I also added a few new pics and thankies to those who sent them. Now I am asking a huge favor from everyone! Send me your Amelia pics! I am making a gallery for her but I need your pics. And also, new spell of the month. Thankies! -Lina

Anyway...... I did change the poll once more. Everyone who voted for last week thankies. I change the poll every Sunday,I thought I'd let you know so you can get everyone to vote. Well I only added one pic to the prize page. See, Amelia6 from the Wayside Slayers Inn and I are writing a fanfic. It'll be posted there when it is different along with something to go with the is last poll. Thankies for voting again!

Welcome to this wonderful place. I am Lina Inverse. Do enjoy your stay....

We won our fourth award, click the pic to see it.


*quick Legal note *copyright Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi, Kadokawa Publishing Co., TV Tokyo, SOFTX, and Marubeni. The English language version of the anime is copyright 1996-1999 Software Sculptors/Central Park Media and ADV. Pictures and information are copyrighted by their respective owners and I am only expressing my love for the Slayers and support. I am not making money, and to sue me would be a nothing battle, for I have nothing of intrest to anyone. But do try to respect the creativity of the page and respect the creators of Slayers. Thankies!*:o)

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