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be my guest
To TRISH´S Secret Garden

I made this site for my secret pal Trish, who is very special to me.
I am putting this site together, to show her that I care.

She is recovering after a bad car accident she had 2 years ago.
Her favorites are flowers and horseback riding. She loves all kinds of flowers,
and to see them in bloom. When she is on a walk, she wonder how beautiful
everything is in the nature and how lucky she is to be around to see it all.

She is a child of nature like me, so I understand her quite well.
And I think many of you do, especially if you have gone through a great
difficulties in your life and survived, then you appraise life much more.


Take a look at Trish´s Well you will not be disappointed


made for Trish
This angel is especially made for my secret pal, Trish.
We all do need a guardian angel so this is for you.

Horse and flower
This was made specialy for you my Dear Trish I hope you will enjoy it
Thank you Irene for doing this great Snow Globle.


We both are curious to know who are visiting us,

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so please say something nice in her guestbook.
Thank you for stopping by.

Trish´s e-mail


The garden Housee
Trish is a member of this great friendship.


secret Pals

This one was made for all secret sister and pals,
of one of the sisters in GH

Take a look at the drop down list
and see if there is something that intrests you

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I will update regularly, so please come back soon.
Saturday, March 27, 1999 11:44:10 PM