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The above were all born in Antrim County, Ireland. In 1863, the boys came to the United States settling in Haverstraw, New York, on the banks of the Hudson River.

Margaret Allison was married to Robert Barkley in Ireland in December of 1858. They had three children, born in Ireland.... John, Andrew and Sarah. In the fall of 1865, Margaret and Robert Barkley with their three children came to the United States. It is reported that John and Andrew paid the way for their namesakes and that the crossing was a stormy one and took 19 days.

Approximately ten years later, Andrew, John and the Barkley family moved to Michigan and settled northwest of Albion in Sheridan Township.

William Allison remained in New York State.


William Allison was born in Antrim County, Ireland and when coming to America settled in Haverstraw, New York, on the banks of the Hudson River. He married Mary ______ (also known as Molly). They had either 12 or 15 children:

Rachel married George Jobson.
Sarah married Charlie Benson.
Nellie married George Topping
Jennie married Uhl Mitch Austin
Agnes married James King.
Thomas Allison married May ______
Martha married Frank Hardenburgh.
Louise married Oscar Okley.
Note: Carrie (Caroline) visited in Michigan with Byron Springstead.
Carrie married Byron Springstead.
Margaret married Henry Mackey.
John married Kate _____.