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Absolute Difference

(De Chirico "Metaphysical Interior With Biscuits")

"Difference is the negativity which reflection has within it, the nothing which is said in enunciating identity, the essential moment of identity itself which, as negativity of itself, determines itself and is distinguished from difference."

G. W. F. Hegel


The Website of John Phillips. Go here for the most up to date version of the Web Site that focuses on Critical Theory, Deconstruction, Modernism and Modernity. The Page offers a wide range of Web Resources.

Links. These links are to web pages that may be of use to anyone interested in critical and cultural theory, modernism and postmodernism, continental philosophy and other related topics. There you will also find links to web dictionaries, encyclopaedias and glossaries. In line with the nature of knowledge in the humanities, the links are updated regularly, growing in number each week, with dead ones removed as if they were the old buds of a flowering plant.
Courses provides access to outlines, reading lists, and study notes for students taking courses I teach at The National University of Singapore.

The following pages provide short lemmas, readings and commentaries on key terms in critical and cultural theory:
Introduction to Critical Theory
Philosophical Aporias
Structural Anthropology
Metaphor and Metonymy
A Reading of Blind Date

Registered Students and staff at The National University of Singapore may visit my web site there.

Click here if you'd like to read a version of my paper, "A Handshake with Halliday," written for the 26th ISFC in July 1999.

Three papers presented at the MLA in 1998 for the panel, The Psychoanalysis of Winnicott and Klein in Literature and Theory, are available on that web-page, including my own "Situating Klein," which is really about the great John Coltrane.