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The MPD/DID device

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revised May 03,2007

MPD is a device used to escape responsibility for sin or to lessen the severity of penalty for a crime. Amnesia often seen associated with the MPD diagnosis is part of the attempt to cover up sin in an effort to avoid shame of being found out.

A young man commits cold-blooded murder and now claims that an alter personality did the deed. A young woman threw two of her newborn babies into a trash bin and then claimed she was not responsible due to her MPD condition. Well-respected psychiatrist Colin Ross of Timberlawn in Dallas supported the defense claim of "not responsible" at the young woman's trial.

Another young woman feels shame over her frequent promiscuity and enters christian psychological therapy to detemine the cause and what to do about such behavior. Eventually, she is diagnosed as MPD and believes she is not responsible for her decision to sleep with boys since it was an alter who made the choices and not her. Most likely she is an ardent supporter of therapy because she feels it has helped her greatly to escape blame for sinful deeds which made her feel guilty when she erroneously accepted the shame for them.

What is going on here?

Sinners have been trying to avoid shame since Adam and Eve hid from God after disobeying His Word in the Garden of Eden. Nothing has changed in all these years. The serpent is still at work, attempting to deceive Adam and Eve's offspring into disobeying God. The original sin was that man could determine as well as God what is wrong and what is right. God said do this and don't do that. Man didn't even have to think about it. Now man has become as god and thinks he can detemine in his own understanding what is evil and what is good. Man is about half-smart.

Just like in the Garden of Eden, the serpent usually comes to the woman first to beguile her into the crafty deception with which he intends to mislead. The woman is more suited to an appeal based upon feelings and expert opinion than is the more logical just-give-me-the-facts man. The serpent knows that once the woman is beguiled into his doctrine of deception, she will bring the man to agree with her delusion, because the man wants to please her.

The theory on which recovered memory and mpd is supported cannot hold water. This is like a rusty bucket with a hole in it. It cannot leak sometimes and be useful on other occasions. A theory, in the same way, which is so faulty that it produces thousands of false memories cannot be relied upon by those who continue to claim their recovered memories are still valid.

These people scramble to find contrived explanations without scientific basis for the memories in which they wish to believe, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary now becoming evident.

They must continue to believe in their faulty theories and doctrines or they will experience the shame of their guilt as the alternative.

No human being wants to feel shame. It is a very painful thing to experience.

Guilt is given by God. Shame is a device used by the devil who wants to use this device to turn us away from God and wants us to hide our sin in our hearts. A healthy person despises the shame and lets himself be convicted by his guilt from his clean conscience so that he will be pointed to God as willing to pardon his sins and accept him back into fellowship.

One who runs and hides from God to escape the shame is doomed to be expelled from the Garden of Eden by his own choice. As Adam and Eve, they will hide from God, look for fig leaves to cover up their shame, hoping God won't notice their nakedness. Psychiatrists offer such fig leaves in the form of psychotropic drugs of all kinds which mask the symptoms of sin and shame.

God sees the nakedness of us all regardless of the fig leaves we use to maintain the illusion that we are okay and good people. God takes away our fig leaves and covers us with the shedding of blood, the precious blood of his own Son.

This is the only way to find wholeness, forgiveness, freedom from shame, and escape from manmade delusions which are the stock in trade of both the psychiatry and psychology industries. Psychotherapy will tell you a lie while mocking God's Word which leads you to Him. Psychiatry will poison your brain with chemicals to the point that it can no longer discern truth.

The Bible declares that the Son of God is truth. Those who will receive a love of this truth, will not suffer delusions as do those who reject it.

Which do you want, God's way to mental health or the serpent's way? It is your choice, and you will live with the consequences of your choice.

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