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Don't let anybody talk you out of admitting your sin to yourself and to God

"Therefore I say, if your conscience convicts you of sin, don't let anybody take your part against God. Your wound needs not a plaster, but a probe. Don't fear the probe: it is the only thing that can save you.

Don't seek to hide your guilt, or veil your eyes from seeing it, nor be afraid to know the worst, for you must know the very worst, and the sooner you know it the better.

I warn you, don't look after some physician to give you an opiate, for you don't need it. Shun as you would death itself, all those who would speak to you smooth things and prophesy deceits. They would surely ruin your soul."

Charles G. Finney

Don't let a therapist talk you out of the wrongs you have done to others or into blaming others as scapegoats. Neither allow a psychiatrist to give you drugs such as Prozac to solve your problems by numbing your symptoms. Neither therapy nor psychiatric drugs are the solution to the symptoms of mental or emotional illness.

Such symptoms are rooted in spiritual causes such as sin, guilt, and shame. This produces pride, fear,anger, rebellion against authority, lack of self-control, self-pity, and self-indulgence.

If not properly dealt with, the condition can progress to one of delusion, identity confusion, and loss of reality.

"The great effort among sinners has always been to be saved in some way of self-indulgence. They are slow to admit that self-denial is indispensable--that total unqualified self-denial is the condition of being saved."
Charles G. Finney

Therapists encourage self-indulgence and therefore oppose biblical principles which have stood the test of time. Is it any wonder that their misguided methods lead to identity confusion, unhealthy dependence, and nervous breakdown? Broken family relationships are the far too common result of today's therapy.

To become whole requires self-denial. Focus on self is a path to mental illness. Better to focus on God and serving others, even when things seem to be at their worst when looking at our personal circumstances.

Selfishness is not a panacea for anything and is not a godly path to healing. God is the only true healer and the only one able to save. Call upon Jesus today. Ditch the therapist, you don't need one and who can afford one in light of the misery some of them are inflicting on the lives of their clients.

All quotations are from Charles G. Finney's God's Love for a Sinning World