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Genny G. Colburn Darley's Page

Born February 9, 1829, Cambridge, Massachusetts.;
Died November 29, 1916, Claymont, Delaware

As we all know, not too much is known about Felix's personal life. Perhaps even less is now known about his wife, Genny G. Colburn Darley (February, 9, 1829-November 29, 1916). Perhaps later, there will be a very detailed section added to this site with "all" that we know about her, but for now, here's a few items about her.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she was the daughter of Warren Colburn, a noted mathmatics teacher (at Harvard) and math text book writer. She was a 'society' lady who apparently had to try very hard to adjust to rural Claymont, Delaware after her marriage to Felix in 1859.

We have found these key facts:

Yes, Genny "Wren" Colburn was a helpmate and a lady.

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