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New Book Uses a Darley Print for Cover


"Wartime experiences, postwar adjustments"

Edited by Paul A. Cimbala, Professor of History at Fordham University & Randall M. Miller, Professor of History and holder of the William Dirk Warren Sesquicentennial Chair at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia.

(A photo of the cover appears below.)

Praise from the Metropolitan Museum of Art . . .

"This is a rich and rewarding collection of essays on the Civil War home front as has ever been assembled. ... This volume is essential for anyone who seeks to understand the home front North - mostly free of combat, but hardly immune from the society-altering impact of war. ..." Harold Holzer, Vice-President for Communications of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Author and editor of numerous books on the Civil War and on Lincoln.

A comment from the Darley Society's Executive Director

This cover print is true to Darley's style; everything contributes to THE story ... a stormy sky, the fence, the appearance of the soldier, his facial expression, the "elderly" man straining to hear "from the front," the young lady, looking questioningly at the soldier, and so on.

The Society is happy that Mr. Cimbala and Mr. Miller knew about Felix Darley's great Civil War prints, and we're honored by their having chosen one of them for a "picture-story" for their cover.

The ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS inside the book graciously thank Carol Digel, Darley Society Research Historian, and the Hesters of Darley Manor Inn for contributing the print.


Click here to see a copy of the original full print AND the descriptive words on it's back (Thanks to Carol for locating this on-line)

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