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Quick Cars

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My Baby

This is my beautiful RX-7. Isn't she beautiful? So far I have had the motor rebuilt, streetported, and had the vacuum hoses replaced. I have also installed a Peter Farell Cat Back Exhaust, M2 downpipe, Apexi Power Intake, and the mother of all tunable computers, the Apexi Power FC w/Commander. I have recently installed a B&M short shifter that has made a world of difference. At 12 psi it should be pushing aound 310 HP at the wheels and run the quarter in the mid to high 12's. To see what other galleries are avalible just hold your mouse over the picture to see where it will take you.

Family Gallery RX-7 Gallery

My Ferrari 550

This is the pinnacle of a family car! When I am going through my midlife crisis this is going to be the car that I want. Just hold your mouse over the picture to see what galleries you can go to.

Ferrari Gallery 1 Ferrari Gallery 2 Ferrari Gallery 3

The Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper is truly the ultimate in American muscle car engineering. No other car in it's price range can touch it. Just hold your mouse over the picture to see what galleries you can go to.

Exotic Gallery 1 Exotic Gallery 2 Exotic Gallery 3 Exotic Gallery 4 Exotic Gallery 5
Exotic Gallery 6 Exotic Gallery 7 Classic Gallery 1 Classic Gallery 2 Classic Gallery 3

Slightly Damaged 355

Ferrari Race Gallery Race Gallery 1 Race Gallery 2
Race Gallery 3 Race Gallery 4

Above are some pictures of the ALMS race that I attended in the Spring of 2000. There were some sweet cars there if you can't tell.