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Blood Brothers -- My first Sentinel Story; an examination of friendship and brotherhood.

The Sandy AU

These stories began as various month's themefics on the Sentinel Angst mailing list.

Choices -- One of Blair's childhood secrets is revealed.

Sandy -- Blair's other half is revealed, and life gets a lot more interesting. Introducing a recurring original male character

Hide and Seek -- A harmless game of cat and mouse suddenly becomes urgent.

Hearing Voices -- A jealous Jim pulls a prank with painful consequences to the friendship.

Just A Cold -- After a dip in the bay, Jim gets a bit of a cold -- or does he?

Replay -- Once again, Blair is kidnapped by a lookalike and his life is taken over.

Independence Fiasco -- Mayhem reigns as Jim and Sandy man the police booth at a Fourth of July faire! Crossover with four television shows

Fool's Gold -- Blair is named heir to a treasure in a will.

Can't Catch Me -- Murder most foul at an embassy.

Tiger By The Tail -- Blair has an unexpected reaction to a tiger at a circus.

Radar Blair AU

These stories began as themefics for various months on the Sentinel Angst list.

Through Pain -- "Every new beginning comes through pain." (Quote source unknown) Why is Blair suddenly exhibiting hyperactive senses?

The Lucy Rafe Series

Lucy Rafe -- A book causes a change in one of Major Crimes' detectives!

The Merrow Series

Merrow -- "Sentinel Too, Part Two" done my way. Blair's experience at the fountain has changed him in more ways than one.

The Dark Warrior Series

Zone -- First of the series -- Simon zones.

Dark Warrior -- Simon loses his sight and gains so much more.

Discovery -- Jim finds out about Simon's new gifts.

Four For Four -- Simon realises his gifts are complete.

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