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doors quarterly
jim morrison

For a special video/TV project I am asking you kindly to send me your VIDEOS filmed on any July 3rd. Anything you filmed on that special day, either in Paris, at the Pere Lachaise, or at your home, your room, at a party or on holidays anywhere in the world..

The most important thing is that your video was filmed on a July 3. Maybe with this in mind you will take a film on the next July 3? Send a copy of the video in any format, VHS cassette, video CD, DVD ... any format is welcome.

Don't worry, the video will be kept strictly private, and it will not be shown in public unless I ask you for permission for publication either on video or on TV.

THE DOORS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE will not use any footage or still images or anything from your videos in print or on this or any other website or media unless you give me your permission to do so.

Contributors will get a free copy of the finished project on DVD, as long they have supported the project by sending in their own video, also everybody who sent in a data stick, SD-card, DVD, no matter what's on it - just remember, it should have been filmed on a July 3. Send your video to the following address: The Doors Quarterly Magazine, Muendelheimer Str. 91, 47829 Krefeld, Germany.


Send your videos!