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Doors Quarterly


Missing Links


dot DEAD LINK to be exchanged soon dot Patricia KENNEALY-MORRISON
  DEAD LINK, sorry, find a new one soon.   As the name indicates, this used to be the official Web site for novelist Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, together with her husband Jim Morrison, the rock star and poet, lead singer for the group The Doors, who died in 1971. By now this is a dead link, I'll give you the address of her recent blog, if Patricia allows me to do so.
dot Rainer Moddemann dot Michelle Campbell
  Read what journalist Lisa Nesselson of The Filmscouts had to say about Rainer Moddemann and his Doors Quarterly years ago.   A charming member of the Feast of Friends that is Doors Quarterly. Photographer Michelle Campbell has been taking pictures of the events around Pere Lachaise for a long time.
dot Rainer Moddemann's Homepage dot Hans Bezemer's Homepage
  If you want to know more about me, take a look at one of my own homepages!   If you want to know who created this site, have a keen interest in programming and are not afraid to learn a thing or two, take a look at the webpage of the webmaster.
dot Dead Link to be filled soon dot Bootleg Doors Homepage
  Dead link, sorry.   "They were (in my opinion) the best Doors coverband in the world but disbanded after the death of their beloved guitarist - The Bootleg Doors from The Netherlands. Visit their site and request their comeback!"
Rainer Moddemann
dot The Doors in Frankfurt dot Das große Jim Morrison Interview
  Hier liest man einen deutschsprachigen Bericht über das Doors-Konzert in Frankfurt im September 1968, geschrieben von Rainer Moddemann (German language only).   Hier liest man die deutsche Zusammenfassung mehrerer Jim Morrison-Interviews aus den Jahren 1967-1971. Übersetzt und zusammengefügt von Rainer Moddemann (German language only).
dot "A la Renaissance" Homepage    
  The 3rd of July is always a special day for Doors fans. If you want to know where European Doors fans hang out, take a close look at this page. You might be surprised!