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"THE DOORS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE" is proud to present this special edition of our famous Paris Guide. For writing this guide, which is based on the chapter Stille Tage in Paris and the Paris Guide from my book (Doors, Heel Verlag, Königswinter, Germany). Special thanks to Patricia Devaux, Rosella Madonna, Jeannie Cromie, Andreas Kanonenberg & Michelle Campbell for documents and information. I owe a special "thanks" to my friend Gilles Yepremian for all his help through the years and for allowing me to use his precious Jim Morrison photos from Paris. A big "thanks" to others, who also worked hard on this special completely updated issue with rare color photographs.
You can obtain your copy by sending Euro 10 (P&P included; Europe) or $15 (P&P included; overseas) an International Money Order, or Euro cash in a registered letter, or a check drawn on a German bank in Euro (no personal checks accepted), or your own currency (add 10% exchange fee) in registered letter to "THE DOORS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE". Do not forget your snail mail address!

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