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The Origin


Once, there was a noble man who lived in a small village in Rhydin. He was the kindest, most honorable man you could have ever met. His name was Dante Chivalry. The townspeople called him simply "Chivalry". He lived up to his nickname. He was the most polite, simple-hearted and handsome man in his village. Of course, the woman of the village could only dream of having him. They would fall head over heels staring at his intoxicating Hazel eyes. But he preserved himself, vowing to never have a woman until he finds his true soulmate and marry the one woman he can truly call his love.

Well, one day Chivalry was travelling to a distant village which would take about 5 days to get to. He came upon a man who was severely injured from a recent mugging. The man layed there in his own pool of blood, dying slowly. Chivalry was no healer but was determined to help this man. He picked the man up and carried him over his shoulder all the way to the next village. While on the way, Chivalry and the man talked alot. The man told him about a sacred stone in a far off cave that would give any one who possesses it, anything that he or she wishes to have. Chivalry was not interested in it. He figured he had no need for something like that. He figured he had all he needed in life.

They finally reached the next town. Chivalry took the man to the nearest village doctor. By now, the man had lost a good amount of blood and was on the verge of dying. Chivalry, saddened by this, could do nothing but watch helplessly, cursing himself for not taking up healing majick. The man then looked to Chivalry with death in his eyes and gestured for Chivalry to come closer. Chivalry moved to the side of the old mans' bed and lowered his ear to the mans' mouth as he spoke. "I have one final request.", he whispered. "What is it? I'll do anything." "I want you to go find the Stone of Calamar *cough* and bring it to me." "But, where is it?" The man wearily pointed to a map lying on a table near the door. "Take it" Chivalry nodded and stood back up as the man closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Chivalry asked no questions. He just grabbed the map, and started on his journey, determined to find the stone.

Chivalry traveled far for weeks, following the directions of the map. He never really knew why the man wanted the Stone but didn't bother wasting his thoughts on possible reasons. He finally came upon a huge cave at the base of a mountain. "This must be it", he thought as he lit a torch and wandered into the cave. It was dark and damp, something evil about it. Chivalry was on point and ready for anything, staying alert just incase of an attack. He travelled deep into the aghast , musky cave until he finally saw a florescent, emerald glow of light emitting from behind a boulder up ahead. He circled the boulder and couldn't believe his eyes. There sat the Stone of Calamar on a huge podium, shining ever so bright. Chivalry was in awe. He approached it slowly and came upon a tablet which was transribed upon the podium. It read, "For thou who touches this sacred stone, shall have forever thoust deepest dreams, but payeth thee most valuable price." Chivalry did not understand what that meant. He only knew that he must get this stone back to the man and quickly before his life was snuffed out.

He grabbed the stone but then suddenly froze up as he received a vision in head of a face. The face of the persona that would cause a major turning point in his life. It was the mephisto demonic lord known as Calamar, himself. An evil laugh echoed through the cave as he grinned at Chivalry through his mind. "You're mine now", exclaimed Calamar as he sat on his thrown far below Rhydins surface. His telepathic image faded away in Chivalry's head. Chivalry was in total shock. He stuffed the stone into his bag, turned and ran out the cave as fast as he could. He tried not to think about the face and the voice as he travelled back, but couldn't help it. The words kept echoing through his mind.

Finally, he arrived back in town. He wasted no time getting to the hut that the man was in, but was horrified to find that the man had died while he was gone. Saddened by this, Chivalry cursed and blamed himself for not being fast enough. Then he got an idea. He pulled out the stone and his eyes widened as it started to glow. He then spoke aloud, wishing the man back his life. A bright flash of light emitted from the stone illuminating the hut and within seconds, the injured old man sat up. The stone went back to its original normal shine and Chivalry handed the stone back to the man. But, the man was totally oblivious to the previous events, wondering who Chivalry was and why was he handing him a stone. Puzzled, Chivalry asked the man if he knew who he was himself. "No", replied the man. Chivalry was distorted by this.

Several days went by since the occurance. It was midnight. Chivalry was sleeping soundly before he was awakened by someone calling his name. He hopped to his feet and followed the voice to the center of town. It was the old man. Chivalry was confused. "I thought you didn't remember my name?" The old man had an evil grin on his face and his eyes were blazing red like a demons. Then his body started morphing to that of Calamars'. It was Calamar all along. Disguised as the old man to mislead anyone he comes in contact with. "It's time, Chivalry", he explained. "Your soul belongs to me. It's the *Price* that you pay for touching my sacred stone." Chivalry saw this and immediately fell to his knees as he felt his soul ripped from his body. He turned around to see his body lying on the ground. Then all of a sudden, he was pulled down deep into the fiery pits of hell.

There, he served Calamar as his eternal slave. Beatened constantly, Chivalry was saddened. He wondered why this had happened to him. Having giving up hope, he was ready to accept that this was his destiny.

One day, Chivalry noticed that Calamar would send his other demons up upon the world to retrieve more souls, via, a staff of some sorts. It was the Staff of Xanth. The staff that Calamar possessed could open a portal between Calamar's hell and the upperworld. Chivalry plotted a way to get the staff from Calamar and escaped back to the upperworld. Later on, Chivalry finally saw his chance as Calamar was away somewhere within the hell realm. Chivalry grabbed the staff from the throne and made a break for it. Calamar sensed that the staff was being tampered with and came back just in time to see Chivalry running. Angered, Calamar gave chase. Chivalry looked back to see Calamar on his tail and was frightened. He started to chant the words to activate the staffs majick as he ran. Calamar caught up with Chivalry and knocked him down just as the staff started to open the portal.

"NO!", shouted Calamar. "You will not get away". Calamar did not notice that the portal was open. However, Chivalry did. Chivalry stayed on the ground and looked from Calamar to the portal then back again. His mind raced, pondering to put up a fight. The staff was knocked away somewhere. Calamar growled and scouted after his staff. While he looked for it, Chivalry made a break for the portal. Calamar found the staff and pointed it at Chivalry as he ran. Calamar started to chant, causing a flash of blinding light to blaze out of the staff and strike Chivalry. Chivalry screamed out in pain as a pair of thick bat-like wings grew out his back. He fell to the ground, his back feeling like it was on fire. Calamar continued chanting, flashes of light engulfed Chivalry, changing each limb and body part of Chivalry into that of a demon. When Calamar was done, he gazed upon the biggest demon he had ever created. He was astonished and pleased by this. Chivalry, strickened with pain, slowly crawled to the portal, determined to escape. He knew that his body was no longer normal and he was slowly losing his consciousness. "You've been a bad slave", beckoned Calamar. The evil grin upon his lips again. "Now i shall have to punish you".

Chivalry got up on his hands and knees and breathed heavily. He thought of how close he was to freedom. This angered him. Chivalry screamed again as he felt a pair of claws unsheathe through his knuckles. He was a demon now. This confirmed his theory that something had happened to him. He figured out that the claws popped out only when he was angered. And right now, he was furious. The portal was still open. Calamar had forgotten to close it because he was distracted by Chivalry's appearance as a demon. Chivalry stood up and in one fluid motion, turned around and stabbed Calamar in the eye with his 9-inch claw. Calamar screamed and back up holding his eye. Chivalry took the advantage and turned around and limped into the portal. Calamar was steamed and pointed the staff at the portal, muttered inaudible words and the staff reacted with a red beam of energy which careened into the center of the portal and zapped Chivalry.

Then the portal closed.

Chivalry landed on his back, unconscious in the woods, somewhere in Rhydin. He was found by a passing couple taking a nature walk in the woods. Although scared of him at first, they finally saw he was no threat and was terribly injured. A day later, he came to inside a small room of a house. The couple had brung him to their home. He had no recollection of what happened or of who he was. He suffered from amnesia. He tried sitting up but he was unable to move. The red beam that struck Chivalry through the portal had paralyzed him. The couple took him in and helped him back on his feet, teaching him to walk and talk all over again. This became his new family. He still had no clue as to who he was when they asked him his name. Angered for not remembering, he was shocked when his claws unsheathed themselves through his knuckles. He then looked in a mirror and finally came up with a name for himself. He stood there, staring at the mirror, then he spoked.

"I know not how I came about. I know nothing of my past. Perhaps I was like this all my life. A demon. Yes. A demon with claws."

He looked to his claws and his eyes narrowed in slight anger.

"A Demon of Claws."

Then he turned to face the couple.

"I am DemonClawz."


Specific Features and Appearance

Height - 6 foot 7 inches.

Weight - 300 - 350 pounds.

Eyes - Colors vary by mood.

Regular - Light Hazel
Angered - Brick Red.
Mystery - DEAD BLACK. It is unknown why his eyes change to this color. Perhaps another story lies behind that.

Hair - black, down to his ears.

Physical features

Possesses a pair of 9-inch razor blade sharp claws encased within his forearms. His primary weapon for defense and offense. His very essence of his name sake. Muscular physique. Well-toned, deep red scales cover his entire body. A thick, long tail keeps his balanced. A pair of thick leathery wings protrude from his back. He possesses the power to camouflage like a cameleon, the power of Invisibility by reflecting light off his scales and the demonic majick of Intangibility as a trick he learned under the teachings of Calamar himself.


Currently occupies the position of OverMaster Syndicati in the Infernal Syndicate of Rhydin {ISoR} ranking Second-In-Command of all duties. He's proud of the guild and works very hard to maintain its pride and livelihood.


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