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Absent Voters in Grimsby & Cleethorpes in 1919

The original list of absent voters was scanned during the summer of 1998, having been lent to us by Grimsby Central Library where it can be viewed in its original form. It was then checked, corrected and indexed by surname. The names, addresses and service details on these pages are, we hope, as accurate as possible. It should be pointed out that it was quite obvious to us that there were many inaccuracies in the original list. We have only copied these, not changed them.

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If you are lucky enough to find a family member within these pages, please would you be so good as to sign this guest book giving details of WHO you found and your relationship to them. Many thanks. I am having difficulty reading the private messages so if you want me to read what you put then please do not make it private. Actually the whole point of writing about your search is so that other people can also get in touch with you when they find the same people are being searched! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GUEST BOOK MAY NOT BE WORKING. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO WORK OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM IS YET!

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The Absent Voters List is a very useful resource for Family Historians. At the end of the war many men were away from home, but were still entitled to vote. This list can supply, in most cases, the details of which service a person was attached to, including such information as service number, battalion, regiment, ship, and rank. It even tells us whether they were P.O.W.s (although how they got to cast their vote I don't know!)

There are many abbreviations in this document, far too many and also too many variations to list separately. Our printed transcript was formatted with one person per line. This meant that, in some cases, we had to abbreviate the information even more. We have tried to make the abbreviations obvious ones, sometimes deleting full stops rather than take out letters. This means that sometimes you will see H.M.S., other times you will see HMS. If you have a problem with any entry, do contact me, and I will endeavour to help you with it.

I am also ready and willing to accept any corrections. This copy will only be altered to agree with the original document, not what it should say.

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