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Rev. Ferdinand

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by Ferdinand J Delery

List Price: $9.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 x 8
Pages: 117
Info: Romantic Mystery
Publication Date: Mar-2002

Rev. Ferdinand

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In other news, HERE ARE A FEW ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Bless the Lord, Oh my soul. Also, bless me a lot, Oh my Lord; AND please enlarge my territory.

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Rev. Ferdinand says...

     Dear Flock: 
     Here is a prophecy! God will manifest himself to  
us boldly, very soon. The "world" will go into a state 
of shock over how magnificent His glory is. Across 
the earth, waves of fear will flurry because the Lord 
will begin to exact spiritual justice (His justice). 
Human beings will be surprised at whom the almighty 
Father will lift up in majesty (not at all who you 
would think). There is a word coming to us from the 
Lord that:
     A flame is being lit by God's spirit in the hearts
of many brothers in Christ in preparation for the 
glorious days that are now immanent (as in immanency). 
God's children are being nourished with:
the knowledge of what is to come, the sublime words 
that have been prophecied throughout the scriptures.
The Holy Spirit has lit this flame which will burn 
across God's kingdom...
     P.S. Brother Carl Delery, Sr., of New Jersey has 
contacted us about a revelation from the Lord that he 
witnessed in church on Ash Wednesday. We will write 
about his visitation. The Gazette will try to reveal
Carl's experience (probably after New Year). Carl, Sr., 
may actually have heard God's voice speaking to him. 
     I welcome my flock to email Rev. Ferdinand if 
there is a special request that you want us to put on  
the altar of the Lord. 

 ...(click here) GOD's VOICE per the GAZETTE!

For many years I have believed that Jesus was sent to do his work when he did because there were no electronic recording methods at the time. Jesus' spiritual message (I have always believed) was so potent and much more spi- ritual because no electronic devices existed that could have recorded him. Here's an example: Have you ever wondered how Jesus looked? The shroud of Toran (sic) is the only physical image that was left for history (and that is his blood). If the message that Jesus taught is spiritual then photographs, films, audio tapes, etc. seem to be the opposite of how he wanted it passed. Think of the miracle that it was, in and of itself, that Jesus' word has lived. His word is the greatest recorded message in the history of the world. Yet, it is just as alive and vibrant as it was when it flowed off of Jesus' tongue. That is why I think the Lord did his work before the advent of modern recording devices. In other news, HERE ARE A FEW ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Gail Sabathia of New Orleans was a kingpin in the recent 50th wedding anniversary plans of mom and dad, Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Delery, Jr. Mrs. Sabathia was instrumental to its success. She also organized lil' Ferdie's birthday in Dec. of 2002 and works to make N.O. the great city that it once was. NOTE: ALAN and MICHELLE Delery had twins on March 20, 1999 (Seth Edward Delery and Shane Ferdinand Delery). Dominique and Vaughn Baptiste had Diajelle in April, 2001.

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Let God's Holy Spirit lead you... maybe, you will have a revelation from the Lord.