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welcome to my

Degrassi Chat

This is my small tribute to the greatest Television show on earth- Degrassi High!!!

The Degrassi Chat will be open 24/7

To meet more Degrassi fans (and maybe even some cast!) there is a standard chat time.

MONDAY- FRIDAY~ come chat at 7-8 pm Eastern Standard Time

SATURDAY and SUNDAY~ come chat at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time

You never know who might show up here!!!

Degrassi Rocks! Sorry, your browser is not Java enabled, you will not be able to chat.

The Degrassi Chat is run by Paige (aka PrincessPaige) feel free to e-mail her anytime!

DISCLAIMER- Degrassi Chat is not run by Playing With Time Inc. and is only here for the sole purpose of joining the fans of the Degrassi Series.